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If the ratio of the leg to the length of the pedal causes an incorrect cycling position, a crank shortener can offer a solution. With a crank shortener, this distance becomes smaller and the pedaling movement you make while cycling can also be reduced. This makes the knees bend a little les. This option can be used in various ways, for example:

  • someone with a difference in leg length;

  • someone who cannot bend their knee or hip completely;

  • a person with short legs;

  • or for a person in growth as a temporary solution, so that they can cycle on a bicycle bought for growth.

Order your Van Raam crank shortener at a Van Raam dealer

Would you like to order the crank shortener for your Van Raam special needs bike? You can order the crank shortener at a Van Raam dealer in your area. Take a look at the dealer page and find your nearest dealer.

Do you already have a Van Raam bicycle and do you want the crank shortener? It is possible to mount this option on your bike, even after purchase.

  • Suitable for use with a difference in leg length
  • Reduces the rotation range by 2 or 4cm
  • Available for both left and right
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