top 10 most sold options van raam fun2go side by side tandem


Top 10 most sold options Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

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top 10 most sold options van raam fun2go side by side tandem

The Fun2Go side-by-side tandem bike by Van Raam is a three-wheel tandem on which you sit next to each other. This special tandem is customizable with different options and accessories. Take a look at the top 10 most sold options for the Fun2Go and find out which options are most suitable for you.

Top 10 most sold options Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

Options for your Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

The Fun2Go duo bike is already included with gears, rear hydraulic brakes, parking brake, lock, shopping basket, seat adjustment and lighting. To make the bike completely to your liking, there are all kinds of extra options to add. Be inspired by the top 10 below and configure your own side-by-side tandem via our online configurator.

Would you first like to know more about the Fun2Go tandem bike? Take a look at the product page of the Fun2Go.

Video: 10 most sold options Fun2Go tandem bike

View in the video below the top 10 most sold options for the Fun2Go duo bike in the video below.

These are the 10 most sold options for the side-by-side tandem:

1. Smart E-Bike

The side-by-side tandem can be upgraded with electric pedal support. Since 2011 Van Raam has its own electric pedal support system, the Silent system. The motors, batteries, controller, Smart display and software have been developed by and for Van Raam, especially for the special needs bikes. The Silent system is now further developed. From 15 July 2020, all Van Raam bicycles that have pedal support will be delivered as Smart E-Bikes. The extras that are possible with the Smart E-Bike are available in the latest version of the Van Raam E-Bike App. Read more about the functions of the Smart E-Bike on our app page. More about pedal support can be found on the pedal support page.

option van raam side by side tandem smart e bike pedal support

2. Rotatable seat

The rotatable seat makes it easier to get on and off the side-by-side tandem. As soon as the seat has been turned outwards with the lever, a simple sit-down movement can be used to take a seat on the chair. After sitting down, the seat can be turned back to the bicycle position. The body does not have to turn itself, this is what the seat does. This movement works the same when getting off the bicycle, only in the opposite direction. Watch the rotatable seat in action in the video below.You can also read and watch more about the rotatable seat in the article: 'Rotatable seat for Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem'.

option van raam side by side tandem rotatable seat

3. Retractable footplate

On the Fun2Go it is possible to have a footplate mounted. The footplate can only be mounted on the co-driver's side and can only be used in combination with a disengagement hub.

If the co-driver cannot or does not want to cycle, he can place his feet on the footplate. If he or she does want to or is able to cycle along, the footplate can be retracted and the co-driver can cycle along again.

option van raam side by side tandem retractable footplate

4. Foot fixation

On the Fun2Go it is also possible to have one or more feet fixation. This gives you more stability and security while cycling and ensures that your foot stays on the pedal. With an easy closing system is it very simple to fixate the foot with the bands. Van Raam has 2 sizes of the foot fixation in its assortment, Fix 20 (suitable for shoe sizes 22 - 36) and Fix 25 (suitable for shoe sizes 37 - 48). Read more about the foot fixation in the article: 'Footrests for adapted bikes by Van Raam'.

van raam option side by side tandem foot fixation

5. Belts

It is also possible to extend the side-by-side tandem with belts. There are different types of belts suitable for the Fun2Go. The hip belt is one strap over the hip, the 4-points belt is attached to the bike in four places and the 5-points belt in five places.

option van raam side by side tandem belts

Tip: SmartGuard tyres

Did you already know that it is possible to order SmartGuard tyres for the Fun2Go? It is almost impossible to get a flat tyre with these tyres (when used correctly)!

6. Armrests

For the co-driver it is possible to order armrests. These armrests are retractable and can easily be flipped down if extra support is required.

The armrests are also available in a reinforced version.

option van raam side by side tandem armrests

7. Combination of gear hub and disengagement hub

TheFun2Go always has gears on the driver's side, on the co-driver’s side there is the possibility of a freewheel hub a gear hub or a disengagement hub. Now Van Raam has combined the two options, the gear hub and the disengagement hub, into one complete and universal option. In position 1, this is a function with a continuous movement of the pedal and the co-driver must pedal along. In position 2, the co-driver is switched off and cannot pedal along. In position 3 the co-driver has his own gear hub and the driver and co-driver can both pedal in an independently selected gear. Read more about this option in the article: ' Combination of 8-speed and disengagement hub Fun2Go'.

option van raam side by side tandem combination of gear hub and disengagement hub fun2go

8. Extra battery pack

Van Raam's side-by-side tandem has a Cube Li-ion battery.The high-quality batteries are manufactured in the Netherlands and have a wide range of charging cycles. The Van Raam batteries have a 2-year warranty with a maximum of 500 charging cycles. The battery on the Fun2Go with pedal support is 36V and 11 Ah, an extra battery pack is an extra, same kind of battery. It is also possible to choose a 25 Ah battery and there's an option to order an extra battery pack with a 25 Ah battery. With an extra battery pack it is also possible to choose a switchable battery pack, where you can easily switch batteries with a switch when a battery is empty. Read more about the Van Raam batteries in the article: 'How many kilometers does a Van Raam E bike battery last?'

option van raam side by side tandem extra battery pack

9. Mirror

For extra safety while cycling, it is possible to have one or two mirrors placed on the bike. With the mirror you can see what's behind you, without having to turn around.

It is possible to mount the mirror and all other controls on the left or right side (on a normal handlebar).

option van raam side by side tandem mirror

10. Color of your choice

Each Van Raam bike has its own standard color. For example, theFun2Go has the standard color matt steel blue. Each Van Raam bicycle model has its own standard colour. The Fun2Go has the standard colour steel blue matt. Something that may not be known to everyone yet, is that at Van Raam you can also have a bicycle powder coated in a (available) RAL colour on request. In this way it is possible to personalise your bicycle. You can have a side-by-side tandem powder coated in your favourite colour, but it is also possible to have a bicycle powder coated in the colours of your company, club or society. Read more in the article: 'A Van Raam bicycle in a colour of your choice'.

option van raam side by side tandem color of your choice
option van raam side by side tandem protection screen corona

Tip: Protection screen in times of corona

Did you already know that Van Raam has developed a protection screen for the Fun2Go? Keeping a distance is difficult, which is why Van Raam created a physical barrier between the driver and the co-driver. With the protection screen in between, people can ride the Fun2Go together again, without (possibly) infecting the other person. The protection screen is fully transparent. The screen is therefore not only safer in terms of corona measures, but also safe because no visibility is taken away from the driver. The protection screen is easy to attach and remove and can be ordered at Van Raam dealers, while stocks last. Read more about the protection screen in the article: 'Fun2Go duo bike with protection screen in times of corona'.

Configure your own side-by-side tandem

With Van Raam's online configurator it is possible to put together your own side-by-side tandem. In a feweasy steps you choose your tandem bike with all the options and accessories you would like to have with your Fun2Go, you can also see the price of all options. After the last step you fill in your email address and you can view the complete configuration. You will also receive the complete configuration by e-mail. You can take the configuration with you to a test ride or Van Raam dealer. Read more about the configuration in the article: 'Put together your Van Raam bike with the bike configurator'.

Configure your side-by-side tandem

configure your van raam side by side tandem with the online configurator

Make a free test ride with the Fun2Go

Would you like to try one or more options? This is possible during a free test ride at Van Raam. During the appointment at Van Raam in the showroom in Varsseveld (the Netherlands) you will be helped by a technical advisor. It is also possible to try the side-by-side tandem outside on the bicycle test track. Afterwards, you will receive a non-binding quote, with which you can order the Fun2Go at a Van Raam dealer. At some dealers it is also possible to make a test ride. Please contact a dealer in your area for more information.

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