How does "Find my Bike" work in the Van Raam e-bike app?

Do you have or are you interested in a Van Raam e-bike? Did you know that you can see where your bike was last parked? You can do this with the 'Find my Bike' function. Find out what it is exactly and why this function offers you added value!  

How does Find my Bike work in the Van Raam e-bike app?

The 'Find my Bike' function in the Van Raam E-Bike App

Locate your Van Raam electric bike with the 'Find my Bike' function. You can view the location using GPS data in your app. You will then be shown the last known position of the bike.

Why should I use 'Find my bike'?

Have you forgotten where you parked your bike? Has someone borrowed the bike and left it in a different place? No problem, ask for the location using the GPS data and the last known position of the bike will be displayed.

Find my Bike in the Van Raam e-bike app

How does 'Find my Bike' work?

See below how you can use this function in your app.

Step 1: One basis is that you have downloaded the app and created an account.

Step 2: You also need to accept the privacy settings so that your GPS location is on for finding your Van Raam bike.

Step 3: To use the 'Find my Bike' function, make sure you are connected to your bike. Watch the video below to see how you can connect your bike to the Van Raam e-bike app


Step 4: Are you connected to the bike? Then you can see your connected bike in the screen, then click on the [i] to the right of the bike name.

Step 5: In the next screen and continuing, you can now select the "Last Named Position".

Step 6: The Last Position will then open in a map app (the chosen map app will depend on your smartphone and settings).

Step 7: You can now find your bike and cycle again!

For which Van Raam bicycles is the ''Find my Bike'' function available?

All Van Raam electric bicycles with the original Van Raam pedal support system that were delivered as of May 2016 (and are equipped with the Smart Display) can use the ''Find my Bike'' function. 

The Van Raam Smart E-Bike App

The Van Raam Smart E-Bike App

Van Raam's smart e-bike (intelligent bicycle), is connected to the internet and communicates via the battery. This has the advantage that you can view a lot of information about your bike and its battery(ies) remotely in the e-bike app. Other advantages of the app are:

  • Use the app to view various bike data and your ridden routes.
  • Have you also connected your battery? Check the battery status: From a distance, you can see how full your battery is. You can also set up notifications that you want to receive via your smartphone.
  • View routes you've cycled: See where you have cycled on a map on your smartphone.
  • SOS signal: Send an SOS message via the app.
 Read more about the Van Raam Smart e-bike on the app page.

Smart E-Bike App