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Tips for the optimum battery life of Van Raam’s electric bicycles

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detail van raam bike cube battery

During the cold winter months or the warm summer months, the batteries of Van Raam’s electric bicycles need some extra care. We provide you with a few tips so you can enjoy your electric bicycle during this time of the year.

Video: 10 tips for best battery performance on your Van Raam e-bike

Tip: Dutch is spoken in this video, so feel free to turn on the subtitles for accompanying text and explanations.

Electric system by Van Raam

In this article we give you information about Van Raam bikes with the original Van Raam Electric pedal support system called Silent System with LithiumIon batteries. With the wheelchair bikes, two-wheel tandems and the Balance low step through bike we use the Slim battery. With the tricycles, three-wheel tandems, side-by-side tandem and the scooter bike we use the Cube or Cube Heavy batteries.

  • van raam kivo tandem slim battery

    Tandem with slim battery

  • display van raam bicycle

    Display Van Raam bicycle

  • tricycle van raam with battery

    Easy Rider tricycle with Cube battery

  • detail battery van raam cube

    Detail Van Raam Cube battery

  • tricycle easy rider with cube heavy battery 24 ah

    Tricycle with Cube Heavy battery

The storage of your bicycle and battery

  • Extreme cold or extreme heat is a big enemy for a battery. Make sure that you don’t keep the batteries in a cold or hot environment for a long time. (Remove the batter(y)(ies) from the bicycle and) keep the batteries indoors and make sure that you save them cool and frost-free.

  • Keep your batteries preferably dry and cool, but at least in a room between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius (41-68 degrees Fahrenheit). Try to avoid higher and lower temperatures.

  • Never storage your bike with an empty battery. We advise you to charge the battery as soon as possible when it’s empty.

  • You can best storage your bike when it’s charged with three to five LED lights on the display

  • Check your battery power in the winter/autumn every month and charge the battery if less than three LED lights are on.

  • Every battery discharge over time, even if you don’t use the bike. This process is called ‘self-discharge’. A battery that is empty and that is not charged, can get in a deep-discharge due to the self-discharge and thus become defective. Make sure you charge the battery in time, even if you don’t use the bike (for a while).

  • Do you park your bicycle outside all day, for example at your work of at the railway station? Take the detachable batter(y)(ies) with you and keep it dry and cool.

  • Avoid unnecessary transportation and storage of the battery in the rain. Place the battery in the car when transporting the bike with a bike carrier.

Charging the battery of a Van Raam bicycle

  • The power of the battery indicated by colored LED indicator lights on the display on the steering wheel of the bicycle. This indication consists of five green LED lights, the most left light can turn red. If only the red LED lights is still on, the battery is almost empty, and the battery needs to be charged or replaced with a full battery. (when the red LED flashes, the battery is empty, and the motor will no longer give pedal support when cycling). Depending on the power of the battery, the charging time is about 2.5 hours with an 11Ah battery and about 6 hours with a 23,5 Ah battery. Charging at low temperatures takes more time. As soon as the battery is charged, the green LED lights are on continuously.

  • Charge the batteries preferably (indoors) at room temperature. Make sure that the battery is not charged at a temperature below 5 °C (41°F). As soon as the battery is charged, the green LED lights are on continuously.

  • You can always charge a Lithium Ion battery from Van Raam, so you do not have to cycle until the battery is completely empty. It is even better for the battery to charge it whilst cycling instead of waiting until the battery is completely empty.

  • If the battery has a button and indicator, the battery power can be checked by briefly pressing the button on the battery. The power of the battery is indicated by five green indicator lights, the far left of can flash green. The battery will then be almost empty. During charging, the battery shows the charging process.

  • Only use the provided Van Raam battery and only charge the battery with the charger included with the bicycle.

  • ​Do not charge the battery too quickly during long bike rides in the heat. Let it cool down until you can touch it normally again and then charge it in a cool place.

Read also more on how many kilometers a Van Raam e-bike battery lasts.

Van Raam smart e-bike and app

Van Raam bicycles that are equipped with the electrivcal system, are smart e-bikes. The advantage is that a lot of information about the bike can be viewed remotely via the e-bike app. Read all about the smart e-bikes and the e-bike app on the app page.

Smart e-bike app

Pedal support at lower temperatures

  • Please note that the battery will discharge faster at a lower temperature (0 °C / 32 °F and below).

  • The range depends on various factors and is strongly influenced by: capacity and voltage of the battery, support mode, temperature, wind force, condition of the tires, driving speed, weight of the cyclist(s) and load, use of gears etc.

More information about e-bikes by Van Raam

More information about a Van Raam bicycle, such as a detailed explanation of the pedal support / electrical system can be found in the user manuals. You will find these with each Van Raam bicycle under price / documentation.

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