7 frequently asked questions about the Van Raam battery charger


7 most asked questions about the Van Raam battery charger

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7 frequently asked questions about the Van Raam battery charger

All electric Van Raam bicycles are delivered with a battery and corresponding battery charger. Read in this article the most frequently asked questions about the battery charger and their answers.

Van Raam battery chargers

Van Raam's electric bikes are equipped with the Silent system. The body of the motor, batteries, controller, software and the Smart display are specially designed by Van Raam for our adapted bikes. In this article Rick de Jonge, electrical engineer at Van Raam, answers the most frequently asked questions about Van Raam's battery chargers.

1. Does Van Raam have 1 type of battery charger or multiple types?

"All our electric bikes are delivered with the same battery charger. Depending on the country of the user, this is a 4 or 6 amp version. The 6 amp version goes to all countries where the mains voltage is 230VAC (for example, Europe and Asia). We also have a 4 amp version and this is for all countries where the mains voltage is 110VAC (for example, the United States and in parts of South America)."

Van Raam battery charger for adapted bicycles

2. Why did Van Raam choose this battery charger?

"They are good quality chargers with one of the highest currents which can charge your battery quickly. In addition, this charger has no fan and therefore makes no noise. The charger doesn't need a fan either because it is very efficient."

3. How long is the cable of the battery charger?

"The battery charger comes with 2 cables. A cable with a charging plug that you attach to the battery and a mains cable that you can plug into the wall socket. Both cables are 140 cm long. In total, the cables of the battery charger are over 280 cm long."

Van Raam battery charger for charging Van Raam bike battery

4. How many Wattis the charger?

"The charger is 260 Watt."

5. Can other chargers be used for Van Raam bikes?

"No, this is not possible and also not allowed by the standards. The battery needs a certain current and voltage. If a different charger is used, this may cause the battery to malfunction or create dangerous situations. It is therefore not recommended to use another charger than the one supplied with the bike. Should your charger stop working please contact your Van Raam dealer."

6. What is a Rosenberger connector?

"Our battery chargers are equipped with a self-seeking magnetic Rosenberger connector. The advantage of this connector is that it is easy to connect to the battery with one hand."

7. I accidentally dropped my charger, what should I do?

"If the charger still functions and is not visibly damaged, such as a crack in the casing or something similar, there is nothing wrong. With a battery, for example, it is a different story, the battery must be returned if it has been dropped."

Rosenberger connector Van Raam battery charger


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Van Raam batteries

Van Raam uses two different types of Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries. These high-quality batteries are being produced in The Netherlands and can withstand many loading cycles. The electric tricycles, Side-by-side tandems, and three-wheeled tandems all have a Cube li-ion battery pack (11 or 25 Ah). The other E-Bikes have a Slim Li-ion battery pack (13 Ah). The batteries have a very high capacity. On some bikes, it is possible to use two batteries that together have a maximal capacity of 1760 Wh.

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Slim battery on Van Raam Balance low entry bike
Slim battery on Van Raam Balance low entry bike
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