Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system


Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system

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Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system

All Van Raam bicycles with the unique Van Raam pedal support system have standard lighting via the electrical system. In this article you will learn how the centrally controlled lighting works and if you have lights on your bike when the battery is empty.

How does the centrally controlled lighting work

All Van Raam bikes with pedal support so all the electric Bikes, are equipped as standard with a lighting via the electric system.The bicycle light is connected to the electrical system. 

When you switch on the electrical system via the display, the lighting switches on automatically. Use the on/off button for this. Press this button on the display again to switch the system off. 

Adjust the angle of inclination of the headlamp so that the centre of the light beam is about ten metres in front of the bicycle. 

Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system

„The headlight turns on automatically when the electrical system is activated.“

An empty battery - can I still switch on my light?

Now let us assume that you have arrived at your desired destination after a bike ride and notice that your battery is empty. You have no charger with you, and it starts to dawn. Now, when the electric Van Raam system is switched off, or as soon as the battery is almost empty, the motor no longer provides pedal assistance. However, you can still switch on your system because you will still be supplied with light.
Since your battery still has a part of remaining power, the lighting can run.

Lighting at Van Raam bikes

Have a look below at the different lamps that are mounted on the different Van Raam bikes.

  • Marwi bike Van Raam electric bike

    All electric bikes have a Marwi lamp since February 2020.

  • Nomad Lamp Van Raam

    The Marwi lamp replaces this Nomad lamp.

  • Venti 4250e Bike Lamp Van Raam

    On all bicycles that are often chosen with pedal assistance or have it as standard (VeloPlusOPairChat) the bicycle lamp Venti4250 is used.

  • Luceo bike lamp Van Raam

    All bicycles that do not have the optional pedal support are equipped with the Luceo bicycle lamp.

"Make sure there's always a battery on your bike when you ride in the dark!"

Pedal support from Van Raam

Since 2011 Van Raam has its very own electric pedal support system, the Silent System. 
This means that the motors, the batteries, the controllers, the smart display and the software have been developed by and for Van Raam itself, especially for the rehabilitation market. Get an overview of the Silent System below: 

  • Simple operation & Test winner

  • 3 electric pedal support stands 

  • Starting aid or driving away aid

  • nearly noiseless motor

  • Very powerful electric motors;     

  • Modern and efficient electronics;

  • High quality and safe batteries;

  • You can drive forwards and backwards

  • Free E-Bike App 

  • Individually adaptable support adapted to the person 

In the ExtraEnergy-Test 2018-2019 Van Raam's Silent drive system won in 3 out of 13 categories. In the ExtraEnergy test 71 more bicycles with drive systems from major manufacturers such as Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha, Stromer, etc. competed.
Learn more about the unique Van Raam pedal assist, the test tester on the pedal support page.

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