What are charging cycles of Van Raam batteries


What are charging cycles of Van Raam batteries?

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What are charging cycles of Van Raam batteries

If you are interested in bicycle batteries and charging them, you will often stumble upon the word "charging cycles". But what is that actually? Find out here what charging cycles are and see a few examples that make it easy to understand.

What are charging cycles?

A charging cycle takes place when the battery power is fully used.
If you run your battery completely empty and you charge it to 100%? Then you have a charging cycle.
For example, if you use a quarter of your Van Raam battery and then charge it to 100% and the next day you use 75% of the battery and then recharge it to 100%. This is then a charge cycle, since a total of 25%+75%=100% of power has been used.

Examples to illustrate a charging cycle

  • Is your battery completely empty and you charge it to 100%? Then you have completed a charging cycle.

  • Is your battery half full and you are charging it completely? Then you have completed a half charging cycle.

  • Is your battery 75% full and you charge it completely? This is a quarter of a charging cycle. If this situation occurs four times, then you have completed one charging cycle.

What are charging cycles of Van Raam batteries

Charge Van Raam battery

The high quality batteries are manufactured in the Netherlands and can be used for many charge/discharge cycles.The Van Raam on batteries have 2 years of guaranty with a maximum of 500 charge/discharge cycles.How does the charging of a Van Raam battery work? It can be different depending on which battery you have - because the batteries have to be removed from the bike in different ways. See our article "How does a Van Raam battery work and charging it?" watch the videos and read the step-by-step instructions on how to attach and remove the batteries from the bicycle and how to charge them.

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