Frequently asked questions about Van Raam batteries


Frequently asked questions about Van Raam batteries

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Frequently asked questions about Van Raam batteries

Van Raam's electric bicycles are equipped with Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries. In this article Rick de Jonge, electrical engineer at Van Raam, answers some frequently asked questions about these batteries.

The batteries on Van Raam bicycles

Van Raam has developed its own pedal support system. For this system, the electric bicycles are equipped with Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries. Van Raam has 2 types of Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries. Almost all tricycles have a Cube Li-ion battery, the other Van Raam bikes have a Slim Li-ion battery.

11 answers to questions about Van Raam batteries

1. What is the difference between the different Van Raam batteries?

Van Raam has 2 types of Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries. Almost all Van Raam bicycles with three wheels (tricycles, tricycles tandems, Fun2Go side-by-side tandem and Easy Go scooter bike) have a Cube Li-ion battery of approximately 11 Ah (or the Cube Heavy, with a higher capacity of 25Ah). The two-wheel tandems Kivo and Twinny, the low step through bike Balance, the wheelchair bikes, the Chat rickshaw bike and the three-wheel bike Viktor and Viktoria with two wheels in front, have a Slim Li-ion battery with a capacity of 13 Ah.

Frequently asked questions about Van Raam batteries
Left: Cube battery, right: Slim battery

2. Is there a larger battery available for the Slim, like there is for the Cube?

No, there is no variant of the Slim with a larger capacity. But it is possible to optionally connect an extra Slim battery to the bicycle with an extra battery holder. You can switch between the batteries with a switch attached to the controller, giving you a longer range. The controller for the Slim battery is located under the carrier.

3. How many kilometres can I cycle with my bicycle battery?

The range depends on several factors and is strongly influenced by, among others:

  • Capacity of the battery

  • Degree of support

  • Ambient temperature

  • Wind force

  • Tyre pressure

  • Driving speed

  • Weight of the cyclist(s) and load

  • Use of gears

Read more about this in the article "How many kilometers does a Van Raam E bike battery last?"

How many kilometers does a Van Raam battery last

4. I can cycle fewer and fewer kilometres with my battery, why?

Over time and use, a battery will wear out. This means that the original capacity of the battery becomes less and less. This is also called battery health.

The time frame in which a battery wears out depends of course on the use. A battery that is used often will wear faster than a battery that is hardly ever used. But also too high or too low temperatures can cause a battery to wear faster. An outside temperature lower than 5 degrees or higher than 20 degrees will cause the battery to empty faster.

5. When is the best time to charge my battery?

It does not matter for Van Raam Li-Ion batteries. An empty battery should always be charged as soon as possible. If you have only been cycling for a short time and there is only 10% or less out of your battery, you can also charge it.

6. How do I store my battery when it is not used for a longer period of time?

Store the batteries preferably dry and cool, but at least in an area between 5 and 20 degrees. Try to avoid higher and lower temperatures. A battery is best stored when it is charged with three to five LED lights on the display.

How to charge a Van Raam battery

Video: Charging the Van Raam batteries

See in the videos how to charge best Van Raam's Slim battery (left) and  the Cube battery (right). 

Store the batteries preferably dry and cool, but at least in an area between 5 and 20 degrees.

7. Why does my battery perform less in the winter?

Low temperatures below 0 degrees have a lesser effect on the battery's capacity. The chemistry of the cells cannot cope with this properly and every battery is affected by this. This can sometimes temporarily reduce the total capacity of the battery by 30%. So the battery gets empty faster. The capacity reduction is a temporary phenomenon, when the battery is warmed up, the regular capacity returns.

This effect can be reduced by charging the battery indoors, so that the battery itself already warms up a little. The battery is placed back on the bike just before riding. Because the battery barely cools down during cycling, you can cycle longer.

8. Can a Van Raam battery be revised?

A Van Raam battery may not/cannot be revised (repaired) for safety reasons and because of incorrect operation of the electrical system.

A Van Raam battery is subject to all mandatory and some additional standards. It is tested for fire safety, water resistance and whether the battery can withstand shocks and falls. The battery meets the following safety standards: CE, UN 38.3 transport standard and the European battery standard. More questions and answers about the fire safety of the Van Raam bike battery can be found in the article 'Questions about the Van Raam bike battery and fire safety'
When a battery is revised, all inspections it has undergone become invalid. This is why we do not revise batteries. Always ask your dealer and/or Van Raam if there is anything wrong with your battery. Always check whether the battery can still be replaced or repaired under warranty if you have problems with your battery.

Can a Van Raam battery be revised

9. Can the battery also be locked so that it cannot be removed?

Yes, there is a key for both the Cube battery and the Slim battery. This key is also provided upon delivery of an electric Van Raam bicycle.

10. Can the battery be left on the charger when it is fully charged?

Yes, the battery can be left on the charger. However, it is better to remove the battery from the charger when it is full. For more information, please read the article: "How does a Van Raam battery work and how to charge it".

Can a Van Raam battery be locked

11. What is the service life of the battery?

The service life of a battery depends very much on its use. When properly used and stored, a battery can last up to 5 years or more. There are some basic rules when using a battery, which you can find in the article: "Tips for the optimum battery life of Van Raam’s electric bicycles".

Tips for your battery

Pedal support developed by Van Raam

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Pedal support

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