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Heinzmann motor Van Raam

This page contains information about Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance which are delivered before June 2016.

All information about Van Raam e-bikes with current engines, batteries, Smart Display is available on the pedal support on page >>

Heinzmann engine (till 2014)

 On older bicycles from Van Raam you can find a different type of engine, in many cases this will be a Heinzmann engine. There are two types of the Heinzmann engine: the pas vario and the gas handle edition. With the pas vario, you are always obliged to pedal. With the gas handle edition you can reach a speed of 5 miles per hour without pedaling, above 5 miles per hour you need to pedal along and you will get electric pedal support. The throttle is your controller for the pedal support.

Torque Nm40
Tractions control /ASRno
Noice motora lot
Reverce cycling modeno
Launch controlno
Energy consumptionhigh
Weight3,7 kg / 4,6 kg*
Systembrushless gearing

* Rear wheel engine

Heinzman and Silent system (until June 2016)

Van Raam has a uniquely designed electric power assist system, the Silent system. Motor housing, batteries, controller, software and display are specially designed and developed for and by Van Raam. You have to always pedal alongside this type of system. It is a so called Pedelec On the Easy Go scooter bikes, you can also ride with 100% electric assist.  The noise-free Silent system is normally equipped with a starting aid: if required, you can ride at a speed of up to about 5 km/per hour without having to pedal for a distance of about 10 m using an extra pushbutton on the display. Thereafter, you have to pedal yourself. In case of tricycles you can even cycle in reverse with the electric assist switched on. The Silent motors of Van Raam are equipped with traction control. This means that the motor does not slip on a slippery surface. There is a standard Silent motor and a Silent HT. The Silent HT gives about one-and-a-half times the output of the standard Silent motor. This HT motor is particularly intended for the heavier bikes, for use in hilly areas or in the case of low pedalling capacity of (both) the cyclists. The motion sensor, the force sensor in the pedals and the unique software system ensure an optimum support and efficient energy consumption. Thus the power assist will be gradually built up and broken down. This prevents sudden actions of the engine.

Through the unique controller and software each motor can be individually adapted to the desired support for the user.  So your special bike has a unique tuned motor system exactly  programmed  to your needs.

The Silent system of Van Raam has already been crowned with international prizes. This is owing to the fact that Van Raam has already attained many years of experience with the designing of electric bikes, which can take on really heavy loads.  The Silent System emerged twice as a global “Test Sieger” in a test in Germany in 2014,  2013 and in March 2012.


Silent Pedelec motor

Silent HT

Silent HT motor Van Raam

Display of the by Van Raam used motors till june 2016:

SilentSilent HT
Torque Nm3050 / 60*
Tractions control /ASRyesyes
Noice motornonenone
Reverce cycling modeyesyes
Launch controlyesyes
Energy consumptionlowaverage
Weight5,8 kg7,5 kg
Systembrushless/ direct drivebrushless/ direct drive

Display Silent engines

On the display of the engine operation, you can make a selection out of three support variants: level 1 normal support, level 2: strong support, and level 3: extra strong support.  The lights at the bottom of the display indicate how full the battery is. If all lights are on, the battery is fully charged. If the last red light flashes, the battery is almost completely empty. 
The left button activates the pedal support. The right button is the starting aid / launch control. To use it press the starting aid button, hold is pressed  for a few seconds and keep pressing it to get pedal support without pedalling for about 10 meters. You can dim the lights of the display  (provided from May 2013) by pressing the two buttons 1 and 3 simultaneously for 7 seconds. After switching off the engine the display will switch to its basic setting. Note that the action radius will decrease as you increase the use of stronger pedal support.

Display Van Raam

Battery in sleeping mode  

 When you’re not using the electric engine of the Silent system, the battery goes into sleeping mode after a few days. This to protect the battery. You can activate the battery by connecting it to the charger for a few seconds. Or you can take the bicycle for a ride and press the on / off button while cycling to turn on the system. 

Batteries Van Raam electric bicycles until June 2016

Van Raam now uses Lithium ion cobalt batteries on the Silent system. Until mid-2012 nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries were also used.  The tricycles and the Fun2Go double rider from Van Raam have lithium ion cobalt batteries of 36 volts and 11 or 25 Ah called the Cube battery. The Balance and the tandem have a 36 volt 13 Ah lithium ion cobalt battery called the Slim battery. In the past, these batteries had 6.4 Ah. The O Pair and the VeloPlus have a 36 Volt 13 Ah Lithium ion cobalt battery. The batteries are manufactured at BMZ in Germany,  the special software is also made in Germany together with our engineers. The lithium ion batteries will certainly last up many charging cycles. A charge cycle is needed to fully recharge an empty battery. If you recharge the battery, which was empty for 25%,  four times you still have used only one charging cycle. At 400 charge cycles (full discharge) the capacity of the battery decreases slightly.  You can recharge the battery when it is not fully empty. The batteries are easy to remove and can be charged on the bike or at home. The lithium ion cobalt batteries have a 1 year warranty with a maximum of 500 charging cycles. A battery of 11 A / h is fully charged in about 2 hours. Do you want to know what charging cycles are? Read our article "What are charging cycles?".
 If your radius of action is approximately 30 km with a fully charged battery, your battery is garanteed till 15.000 KM. The wheelchair bikes with the Heinzmann system  have two parallel batteries of 36 volt 9 amp hour batteries (total 18A / h). The lead batteries had a warranty period of 1 year.   


The weight of your bike will increase when you have power assistance. The total added weight of the motor, batteries and other materials, depends on the type of motor and battery. This varies between 9 and 15 kg of extra weight. 

Lithium Ion accu's 

Left: Slim package / Right: Cube pakket (picture with optional extra battery)

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