Duo bike Fun2Go contributes to the care of the elderly

Van Raam's Fun2Go duo bike is a tricycle tandem that is often used in the elderly care. Care institutions opt for a duo bike, so that volunteers or employees can cycle together with the elderly and they can (again) get outdoors. Read more about the Fun2Go duo bike in the elderly care.

Fun2Go duo bike provides for the care and wellbeing of the elderly
Caretaker Ank with a resident of a care institution with the duo bike (source: Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing, 2019)

Duo bike suitable for different ages

The Fun2Go is a very versatile bike. Besides being very suitable for the elderly, the Fun2Go can also be used by young people. The advantage of the Fun2Go is that both cyclists do not have to have the same physical condition. Because of the different options both seats can be adjusted as desired. There is always one main driver driving the duo bike. With the Fun2Go you sit next to each other, this allows the supervisor to keep an eye on the co-driver and to communicate well.

At many care institutions it is possible to borrow or rent a duo bike for a day. This gives family members the opportunity to cycle with parents or grandparents who are staying in a care institution. Volunteers of different ages can also cycle with a co-driver, such as the volunteers of Fietsmaatjes. Caretakers and/or supervisors also often cycle with residents.

Advantages duo bike for the elderly

The duo bike has several advantages for the elderly, including:
  • Perfect sight and attention on the passenger
  • Comfortable adjustable sittings with backrests 
  • No step in, easy to take your seat
  • 1 Person steers, both can pedal
  • Better communication, seats next to each other
  • Very agile and easy to use
  • Stable and firm
Read more advantages and more about the duo bike on the product page of the Fun2Go.

Product page Fun2Go

Suitable options on the duo bike

Because you can expand the duo bike Fun2Go with many options, it can be used for a very large target group. For the elderly, the following options are very suitable:

Video: loving care in the field

Care institution Azora in the Netherlands is collaborating on an educational video series about loving care in the field, suitable for employees 'care and welfare' in the elderly care. In this video, carer and activity supervisor Ank is going to cycle together on a Fun2Go duo bicycle with a resident of location Den Es in Varsseveld.

The video shows that living pleasure among residents often also provides to work pleasure. The residents and supervisors have fun by doing things together that match the resident, such as cycling.

The resident in the video spent some time in the hospital, but back from the hospital it turned out that she could no longer cycle. The duo bike makes it possible to cycle again, together with an attendant.

The resident of Den Es: "I looked out of the window and thought: 'What if I could do that again?'. And now I can do it again."

Britt Dekker with a resident of a care facility on the Fun2Go
Britt Dekker with a resident of a care facility on the Fun2Go

Fun2Go in Dutch TV program

In the Dutch TV program 'Britts Gouwe Ouwen' (Britt's Golden Oldies), host Britt Dekker mingles with the elderly in a nursing home. With her programme, the host wants to inform and inspire people about elder care. Britt provides various activities and goes cycling with some residents of the care facility with the Fun2Go.

Watch and read more in the article: 'Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike in Dutch TV program'.

Fun2Go in TV program
Van Raam duo bike for care institutions
Residential care center Onderwatershof Rijswijk with a Fun2Go duo bike (photo: Rijswijk TV)

Experiences of Fun2Go users

In these user experiences you can read about the experiences of the elderly with the Fun2Go duo bike. Read more experiences of the duo bike on the user experiences page of the Fun2Go.

Fun2Go side by side bike

"The Zonnebloem Bennekom double rider bike is seeing a lot of use. Our participants are highly enthusiastic to be finally able to ride a bike again with a volunteer."

Johan Saleming - Bennekom

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"My grandmother is no longer allowed to cycle independently, which is why I organized a ride on the Fun2Go for her. My grandma had a lot of fun and enjoyed it thoroughly!"

Timon Klein Wolterink - Aalten (Netherlands)

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"Unfortunately, Jetske's mother is no longer able to cycle independently, which is why Jetske thought it would be a good idea to go on a side-by-side tandem ride with her mother and daughter. "

Mrs. Jetske - Overijssel

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Fun2Go duo bike contributes to care and well-being of elderly

More about the Fun2Go

Would you like to read and see more of the Fun2Go duo bike? More information and videos can be found on the product page of the Fun2Go duo bike. Would you like to read about the unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go? Then view and tead the 'Unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go duo bike' article.

Fun2Go product page
FunTrain duo bike trailer contributes to care and wellbeing of the elderly

The FunTrain duo bike trailer

The FunTrain is a duo bike trailer and can be connected behind a Fun2Go. One supervisor can then cycle with three people.


FunTrain product page