Fun2Go side by side tandem for young and old


Fun2Go side by side tandem for young and old

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Fun2Go side by side tandem for young and old

The side by side tandem Fun2Go is used by many different organisations as a means of transport. To allow people, young and old, to ride a bike again. In January 2020 youth centre in Het Westerhonk, the Netherlands and Stichting Welzijn Albranswaard, the Netherlands, received a Fun2Go side by side tandem.

Fun2Go side by side tandem for youth centre in Het Westerhonk

The youth centre in Het Westerhonk does meaningful work every day. One of their tasks is the distribution of newspapers. The boys and girls learn a lot from it, for example how to work together, keep appointments and work neatly. They also spend a lot of time outside, make the readers of the newspapers happy and can earn some money.

The big wish of the young people was a nice double rider cycle with trailer, so that working together becomes even easier. The young people saved their newspaper money and found some sponsors to buy a Fun2Go double rider cycle. Among others, the amount to be able purchase a Fun2Go side by side tandem was achieved thanks to contributions from the Kind & Handicap fund, the Vrienden van het Westerhonk foundation, the Kringloopwinkel Habbekrats and the Kinderkledingbeurs in de Lier, and youth centre in Het Westerhonk. In January 2020, the time had finally come: with beaming faces, the young people did their first proud laps. It was a great party with the sponsors, the staff, the youngsters and the parents.

Fun2Go side by side tandem youth centre in het Westerhonk
Source: 's Heeren Loo.

After the delivery, experiences were exchanged about happy passengers, and tips on how to use the Fun2Go Duo bicycle correctly.

Project side by side bike in Albranswaard

Conversations between Esperanza Albranswaard and older people from Albranswaard have shown that older people would like to cycle again, but are no longer able or do not dare to do so independently. Esperanza also held talks with the Welfare Albranswaard Foundation, which showed that this need is not only felt by older people but also by the caregivers. This is why Esperanza launched the Duo Bike project at the beginning of 2019. With this project they wanted to raise enough money through foundations, funds and sponsors to buy a Fun2Go side by side bike. With this parallel tandem, two people ride next to each other (the guest as co-driver and a caregiver or volunteer as rider). They want to make bicycles for elderly people, people with a mental or physical handicap or people with a temporary injury possible again. During these bike tours, the guests have the opportunity to move around in a relaxed manner in the open air.

Delivery Fun2Go side by side bike in Albranswaard
Source: De Botlek. Photo: Yvonne Schults.

In January 2020 the time had come: the delivery if the side by side tandem from Esperanza to the Albranswaard Welfare Foundation took place. 20 people gathers together for the handover, and after signing a document, the Fun2Go Bike was officially handed over. Afterwards a toast was raised to the participants and experiences were exchanged about happy passengers and also tips on how to use the Fun2Go parallel Tandem correct by the dealer Arie-Willemsen (Stout Fietsen). The bike can be rented by anyone who feels like going for a tide but cannot or does not wat to ride alone ride alone. You can ride with someone or you can get a short instruction and rent and ride the bike together.

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