Side-by-side Van Raam Estinea Oostervoort Peter van Zutphen


Side-by-side tandem Fun2Go makes bicycling fun

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Van Raam
Side-by-side Van Raam Estinea Oostervoort Peter van Zutphen

We at Van Raam often read the beautiful stories of our satisfied customers. These stories make us happy in return and we would like to share them with you. The following articles of the past months on the side-by-side tandem Fun2Go caught our attention. In this overview you will read where our bikes ended up and who uses them. These are the stories of some of our Dutch customers.

The city of Nieuwegein welcomes new side-by-side tandem

Nieuwegein now owns a second Fun2Go side by side tandem. Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of the first specimen and because it was believed that everyone should be able to enjoy the bike, the city council decided to purchase a second one in April. The two bikes will be found on opposite sides of town (Nieuwegein North and Nieuwegein South) so that they can be used as efficiently as possible. Volunteer Henri Steenman is content with the purchase: “We always have a lot of fun and we make long conversations with the elderly.”

Side-by-side tandem Van Raam Nieuwegein
Photo: General Help Service Nieuwegein (Source: RTV Utrecht)

ZMLK School de Lelie in Harderwijk successfully raises money for side-by-side tandem

No matter how you look at it, for the purchase of a side by side tandem, or any bike at all, money is needed. Money that might not be immediately available. That is why schools, nursing homes, or private individuals often organize fundraiser events to raise money needed for the purchase.

This is what the ZMLK School de Lelie in Harderwijk did too. Two faculty members made an appeal to a special fund of the Rabobank in Harderwijk. It was a success because their appeal for a contribution for a side by side tandem was rewarded with 3000 euros. The students of the school tried their utmost best to raise money for the bike. They organized a charity run among other things and raised no less than 1500 euros. Supplier Boonen Tweeliers in Harderwijk and the school’s principal took care of the remaining sum.

Now ZMLK School De Lelie owns one of our side by side tandems and they are very content with it. The bike actively increases the independence of the students who are unable ride a bike independently or experience difficulty when biking. Biking on a side by side tandem is also a way to stimulate physical activity in a playful way, because biking together is of course fun to do!

side-by-side tandem zmlk school de lelie
ZMLK School De Lelie receives side by side tandem (source: Het Kontakt Harderwijk)

A side by side tandem Fun2Go as birthday present!

Since Tuesday April 17, 2018 inhabitants of Wolphaartsdijk and Oud-Sabbinge (province Zeeland) can call themselves the happy owners of a Van Raam side by side tandem. The tandem was unveiled during Even d’r uut*’s one-year anniversary, an initiative by several town associations, such as SVRZ and SMWO. In a short period of time it has grown to be a popular meeting place for elderly. Van Raam’s Fun2Go bike allows elderly who don’t bike on a regular basis, to go out.
*weekly event where elderly can meet one another

Volunteers who would like to ride this side-by-side tandem together with one of the elderly can request additional information from or sign up with Jenneke de Koster or Anne-Marie van Keulen, SVRZ Ter Valcke. Phone number: 0113315300

side-by-side tandem Van Raam Even dr uut Zeeland
Festive receipt Fun2Go (photo: Bram Schuit, Source: De Bevelander)

Last wish avid bike lover came true

Saturday April 21. Residents of the Estinea nursing home in Oostervaart witnessed a very special moment with the reception of a new side by side tandem Fun2Go. This made Pieter van Zutphen’s last wish come true.

Pieter van Zutphen, a devoted mountain biker, was the one to start biking with the elderly of the nursing home in Oostervaart. For his funeral he did not wish for flowers but instead asked for donations for a new bike. Many heeded his call. At the end of April Peter’s wife and his son revealed the bike in front of family, Estinea employees, residents and their family and members of Just4Fun. Possibly, this wonderful initiative will inspire others who aspire to do something similar.

Side-by-side Van Raam Estinea Oostervoort Peter van Zutphen
Imma van Zutphen together with members of Just4Fun Biking (photo: Rick Mellink, source: Achterhoek Nieuws ELNA)

Aid agency “De goede Zorg” allows elderly in the city of Apeldoorn to enjoy a bike ride

"I go places I have never been before!"

For the past two years De Goede Zorg, an aid agency active in Apeldoorn, has been using three Fun2Go bikes for residents of several nursing homes. The tricycle tandems are being used intensively, sometimes even twice a day.

Thirty volunteers have signed up with the organization and go on bike rides with the elderly on a regular basis. The volunteers are satisfied with the bike’s comfortable seating. The Fun2Go allows people to go places that would be too far to go to on foot.

Mr. Kruitbosch (93) uses the bike on a regular basis. To him a ride on the side by side tandem is a way to relax. His goal is to bike for 1,5 hours every week while covering a distance of about 10 kilometers. Mr. Kruitbosch now goes places in Apeldoorn he has never been in his entire life. A wonderful initiative!

side-by-side tandem van raam apeldoorn de goede zorg
Enjoying the outside on the side by side tandem Fun2Go (Source: Reformatorisch Dagblad)

Foundation “Side by side tandem project” brings bike to Beilen

The foundation “Side by side tandem project” wants to give elderly and people with a physical disability who are unable to ride a bike independently, the opportunity to go on a bike ride together with a volunteer or family member on a side by side tandem. Volunteers can sign up with Welzijnswerk or through another volunteer. 25 volunteers are readily available to accompany anyone wanting to ride the bike.

side-by-side tandem van raam foundation side-by-side tandem project beilen
Photo: Arjan Jonkers (source: de krant van midden Drenthe)

Fiets4daagse Hoorn on a three-wheel tandem

"On the bike you are able to see everything"

E-bike Store Hoorn has put electric side by side tandems at the disposal of the Fiets4daagse in Hoorn, free of charge. It was a resounding success; both bikes were constantly being used!

Best friends Peter Kragt (71) and Jan Hogesteijn (72) from Venhuizen emphasize that the side by side tandem is the ideal solution for people who, despite balance problems or other physical limitations, would like to enjoy riding a bike again. They both ride their side by side tandem on a daily basis: 15-20 kilometers a day.

The courteous attitude of other drivers towards Kragt and Hogesteijn on the side by side tandem took both gentlemen by surprise. They would often be given way, even if they didn’t have the right of way. We love reading this of course!

side-by-side tandem van raam e-bike store hoorn fiets4daagse
Jaap Oud (left) and Jos Botman along the way: “On the bike you are able to see everything.” (source: Noordhollands Dagblad)

Fun2Go side-by-side tandem makes bicycling fun!

As you can tell from this article, our Fun2Go side by side tandem allows elderly and people with a physical disability to expand and explore their world in a healthy and safe way.

We will point to you the advantages of the side-by-side tandem briefly:

  • Unlike a regular tandem, the Fun2Go side by side tandem allows people to sit next to each other. This seating arrangement makes it easier to communicate and see each other.    

  • The rotatable passenger seat aids people in getting on and off the bike. 

  • The Fun2Go side by side tandem can turn around it axes. This makes the driver viable and makes turning easier. 

  • Through the optional switchable freewheel the driver determines whether or not the passenger is required to pedal.  

  • The electric pedal support allows you to bike effortless.

View side-by-side tandem

Fun2Go Duofiets
Fun2Go Side-by-side tandem


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