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Side-by-side tandems for healthcare institutions in the Netherlands

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Double rider cycle InteraktContour Almelo

Several healthcare institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium have a Fun2Go side-by-side tandem into use since March 2018. Thanks to local campaigns and sponsoring, the financing for these three-wheel tandems has been made possible. Every healthcare institution, including InteraktContour, an institution for people who experience problems because of a brain injury, has its own story. In this article you can read the story of these healthcare institutions.

Proceeds fun fair for a double rider cycle

Part of the proceeds from the local fun fair in Meilegem (Belgium) was donated to vzw De Bolster, a center that supports adults with an intellectual disability or non-congenital brain injury. In this center they can live and / or spend the day.

The organisation of the fun fair has decided to donate the proceeds from the Monday fun fair to vzw De Bolster. With the beautiful amount of 3500 euros and an investment of their own, they have purchased the Fun2Go double rider cycle from Van Raam.

The double rider cycle with pedal assistance will be used by clients of the sports studio in the location in Zwalm.

Double rider cycle for De Bolster in Belgium
The clients and caretakers receive the cheque from the fun fair organisation (Photo: vzw De Bolster)
Fun2Go double rider cycle vzw de bolster

The side-by-side tandem is being tested on a small course. (Photo: vzw De Bolster)

Course double rider cycle vzw De Bolster

The maneuverability of the Fun2Go is huge; he can turn around his own axis. The double rider cycle is tested on a course. (Photo: vzw De Bolster)

Residential care center receives a Fun2Go side by side tandem by a volunteer
The City Council Member and a resident of Onderwatershof are using the side-by-side tandem for the first time. (Photo: Rijswijk TV)

Residential care center receives a Fun2Go side by side tandem by a volunteer

Onderwatershof, a residential care center for the elderly in Rijswijk, has recently a Fun2Go side-by-side tandem available. Thanks to the efforts of volunteer André van Zomeren, it is now possible that volunteers and family members can make bike trips with the residents. With the financial assistance from various parties, the duo bike made its first ride at the end of March 2018. City Council Member Marloes Borsboom was present.

After a positive experience from a bike ride on a three-wheel tandem with his seriously ill neighbor, André van Zomeren decided that he wanted such an experience for more people. He was already familiar with Onderwatershof, so he started this project for the residents of Onderwatershof. André hopes that many people will be thrilled by the electric three-wheel tandem and that the residents can cycle a wonderful route through the old center of Rijswijk, through nature or through other places familiar to them.

Double rider cycle during the opening of a jubilee week

The adult day center of InteraktContour in Almelo, a center for people who have a brain injury, celebrated their 25th anniversary at the end of March 2018. In this festival week various activities were organized, such as a visit by the mayor and the possibility to take a ride in a carriage.

An important highlight was the opening of the festival week. The foundation “Vrienden van InteraktContour”, what means: friends of InteraktContour, has offered a side-by-side tandem with pedal assistance to the day centre. Made possible by various campaigns to raise money.

Supervisor Natascha Siers told the Tubantia: "We are very happy with the bike. Now that the good weather has started, we can cycle more often with our clients."

Double rider cycle InteraktContour Almelo
The new three-wheel tandem during the opening of the InteraktContour festival week. (Photo: Tubantia / Lenneke Lingmont)
side by side tandem interaktcontour hattem
The contributors, residents and caregivers of the adult day center with their Fun2Go. (Photo: Nieuwsblad Schaapskooi)

Adult day centre receives a side-by-side tandem

An adult day centre of InteraktContour in Hattem, an institution for people with a brain injury, recently put their electric three-wheel tandeminto use. Thanks to the Univé Stad en Land foundation “Stichting voor Elkaar”, InteraktContour won an amount of 5000 euros in 2017. After donations from Lionsclub Hattem, foundation Vrienden van InteraktContour and two bicycle shops from Hattem, the side-by-side tandem could be purchased.
Wilma Mensink, caregiver at InteraktContour, told the local newspaper 'Schaapskooi': "Exercising is very important for people with brain injuries. With exercising they improve their condition and motorics, so that they can live more independent for a longer time.” Taking a bike ride on a two-wheel cycle is, most of the time, no longer possible. With the side-by-side tandem they can make, with a caregiver, bike trips again.

House for people with dementia receives double rider cycle from municipality

The municipality of Meierijstad has donated a side-by-side tandem to the Van Coothhuis, a house where people with dementia live. Residents, staff members, volunteers and family members watched how the City Council Member Eus Witlox hand over the bicycle to the Van Coothhuis. The City Council Member cycled the first round with a resident on the electric Fun2Go double rider cycle.

People with dementia live in the Van Coothhuis, close to family and friends in a familiar environment, such as at home. Care manager Sylvia Schalken told Omroep Meierij: "The Van Coothhuis is very happy with the gift from the municipality Meierijstad. Family members, employees and volunteers are eager to go on a trip with the residents of the Van Coothhuis."

Side-by-side tandem for Van Coothhuis
The City Council Member and a resident of the Van Coothuis cycle the first round on the double rider cycle. (Photo: Meierijstad)
Side-by-side tandem for the Van Coothhuis

The City Council Member approves the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem. (Photo: Meierijstad)

Testing double rider cycle Van Coothhuis

The Van Raam Fun2Go is being used for the first time. (Photo: Meierijstad)

double rider cycle for nursing home de kaap

Foundation donates double rider cycle to nursing home

The foundation C&W de Boer has offered a Fun2Go double rider cycle to a care home for the elderly in Hoogeveen. This foundation helps with finding and requesting financial resources for an organisation or a project.

Nursing home ‘De Kaap’ now has the opportunity to make bicycle trips with the self-named 'luxury electric side-by-side tandem’ through the surrounding area. A local bike specialist thought it was a great initiative and delivered the bike for a friendly price.

Interested in our double rider cycle Fun2Go?

The Fun2Go is a three-wheel tandem, in which the users sit beside each other. One person is the driver and the other is the co-driver. The driver steers and brakes, the co-driver only can pedal. 

There are many options for the side-by-side tandem. The electric motor ensures that you can cycle well, without too much effort. You can also choose a rotatable seat, so the co-driver can easily get on and off. With a switchable disengagement hub you can determine whether the co-driver must pedal along, may cycle along or to switch off. You can also choose the combination of a disengagement hub and 8-speed. With this combination, the co-driver can cycle in their own speed, separately from the driver.

The bicycle can be powder coated in various colors and can also be expanded with a diversity of options, like a basket, a mirror, extra thick seatpillow, foot fixationsbeltsdirection indicators and a foot step.

Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

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