Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike in Dutch TV program Britts Gouwe Ouwen


Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike in Dutch TV program

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Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike in Dutch TV program Britts Gouwe Ouwen

In the Dutch TV program Britts Gouwe Ouwen (Britt's Golden Oldies), Dutch host Britt Dekker interferes for 6 weeks between the elderly in a nursing home. With her tv show, the host wants to inform and inspire people about elder care. As a temporary caregiver she organizes various activities and trips at the care facility, including a bike ride with the Van Raam duo bike Fun2Go.

TV program Britts Gouwe Ouwen with Van Raam duo bike

In the TV programme 'Britts Gouwe Ouwen', host Britt Dekker joins the caregivers in the Sweelinckhof nursing home. Britt entertains the residents by baking cakes and organizing a bingo and she has hilarious and sometimes moving conversations. With her new program Britt wants to inspire her followers and viewers to work in elder care, because she thinks these golden oldies deserve more attention.

In the first episode Britt also makes a bike ride to the supermarket with a few residents. She uses the Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike, which in the beginning of the episode is renamed the 'Britt Mobile' and is waiting on a red carpet. The Fun2Go is, as you can see in the episode, very suitable for cycling together with older people or to use as a bicycle taxi for the elderly.

Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike in Dutch TV program Britts Gouwe Ouwen
Britt Dekker on the duo bike during the TV program Britts Gouwe Ouwen

Short Clip: Taking the elderly to the supermarket on the FunGo duo bike

This video (in Dutch) is a clip from the first episode of Britts Gouwe Ouwen. In this clip Britt Dekker goes to the supermarket with two residents of nursing home Sweelinckof. She goes cycling with one resident with the Fun2Go duo bike and the other resident goes along in her own electric wheelchair.
Britt cycles with the Fun2Go duo bike into the supermarket (the supermarket made an exception for the TV program) and collects, together with the residents, all kinds of ingredients for the cakes she later wants to bake in the nursing home.
In the video you can see the different options on the Fun2Go duobike from care facility Sweelinckhof. On the Fun2Go there is a mirrorfoot fixationelectric pedal support, armrests and a basket for the groceries.

Britt Dekker with the Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike in Dutch TV program

Video: First episode Britts Gouwe Ouwen (with duo bike)

Watch the first episode of Britts Gouwe Ouwen (in Dutch) and see the different clips in which Britt is cycling on Van Raam's Fun2Go duo bike.

First episode Britts Gouwe Ouwen

Fun2Go duo bike by Van Raam is suitable for elderly and care facilities

Side-by-side tandem Fun2Go very suitable for care facility

The Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike is a very suitable multi-person bike for the elderly and for care facilities. A big advantage of this bike is that both riders do not have to be in the same physical condition. With the Fun2Go there is one main driver who controls the bicycle, can steer and brake it. The co-driver can cycle at his or her own pace. The Fun2Go always has 8 gears on the driver's side, on the co-driver's side there is the possibility of a freewheel hub, an 8-speed hub, a shiftable freewheel hub or a combination.

With the Fun2Go you sit next to each other, the main driver always has a good view on the co-driver and you can have a nice chat while cycling. Because the Fun2Go has no entry, most people can easily get on the side-by-side tandem. The optional rotatable seat makes this even easier.

Many care facilities have a duo bike, so it is often possible for family to rent or borrow it for a day. Volunteers and caregivers also often go cycling with elderly people from care institutions.

Advantages Fun2Go for the elderly

The use of the Fun2Go by and for the elderly and care institutions for the elderly has several advantages, including:

  • No entry; you can easily sit down on the Fun2Go
  • One main driver steering and braking
  • The main driver always has a good view of the co-driver and there is the possibility to communicate
  • Comfortable seats with backrest
  • Extremely agile and easy to control

Read more about the use of the Fun2Go duo bike for the elderly in the article: 'Fun2Go duo bike contributes to the care of the elderly'.

Fun2Go for the elderly

Discover more about the side-by-side tandem Fun2Go

On the product-page of the Fun2Go you can find more information about this duo bike, including photos and videos, the price list, technical specifications and experiences of side-by-side tandem owners.

More about the Fun2Go

View the Van Raam FunTrain duo bike trailer for elderly and care facilities

View also the FunTrain duo bike trailer

The duo bike Fun2Go is suitable for two persons. If you want to cycle with more people then this is possible by connecting a FunTrain duo bike trailer behind a Fun2Go with towbar. This creates a bicycle train and two extra people can ride along.

The main driver of the front Fun2Go controls the entire bike train and is the only one who can steer and brake.

The FunTrain trailer is very suitable for (care) institutions, homes, residential groups and other environments where supervisors want to make a trip together with clients or residents. One supervisor can then go out with three residents / elderly / clients.

View FunTrain

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