Accessible cycling in the Caritas Centre Olpe


More mobility on the road due to the duo bike Fun2Go

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Accessible cycling in the Caritas Centre Olpe

Cycling is a great way to get exercise and stay mobile and active, not to mention it is very healthy. Cycling on a parallel tandem Fun2Go is also very sociable, because you don't sit behind each other, but next to each other. In the recent past many people have got such a bike and are happy to enjoy mobility again. Find out in this article what you report about the bicycle.

More mobility for Fietsmaatjes

The project "Fietsmaatjes" offers a passenger to cycle with a volunteer on a duo bike in the region. The passengers or guests can be young and old, but cannot or don’t want to cycle independently anymore. Read more about the Fietsmaatjes in the article ‘Fietsmaatjes on side by side tandem’.

More about the Fietsmaatjes foundation

New duo bike for Fitsmaatjes Hillegom
Alphen Fund donates to the Fietsmaatjes Foundation

We encourage our residents to move as much as possible.

Activity leader Bonifatiushuis Femke Epema

Residential home gets Duo bike as a gift

During a monthly meeting on January, Friday 31st, the residents of the Bonifatius-Haus in Sneek were surprised with a new duo bike Fun2Go, which was donated by the foundation "Friends of the Bonifatiusheim". The residents and staff of the house are very satisfied with their new duo bike, says activity leader Femke Epema. "We encourage our residents to move around as much as possible. Unfortunately our first duo bike broke down. But now we have a new one and our residents can go outside again with volunteers". Read more in the (Dutch) article on

Article (in Dutch)

Residential home gets Duo bike as a gift
In photo: Mrs Van der Pol (resident) and Mr Van Dijk (member of the foundation)

The residents are always looking forward to it. Sometimes there's even a waiting list.

Accessibility for residents in Breukelen

Together with the residents, they cycle through the beautiful surroundings. The residents always look forward to it, sometimes there is even a waiting list. One of the facility's bicycles is now 10 years old and is slowly in need of replacement, despite the good care it receives. On 29 January 2020, the time had come and the care group received a new Fun2Go duo bike. Learn more by clicking on the button below.

Article RTV Stichtse Vecht

Accessibility for residents in Breukelen
Source: RTV Stichtse Vecht

Bring movement into the everyday life of the senior citizens' centre.

Accessible cycling in the Caritas Centre Olpe

In the Caritas Centre in Olpe, numerous residents waited in the foyer of the senior citizens' house full of excitement and joy. Because your new bike will arrive today. Together with the staff and sponsors they would like to take a look at your new purchase. The Fun2Go three-wheel tandem is intended to bring movement into the everyday life of the senior citizens' centre. It offers enormous advantages for the residents. For example, rider and co-driver can communicate better with each other because they sit next to each other. Since the tandem is a three-wheel tandem, getting on and off is also much easier than with a two-wheel tandem.

Article Lokal Plus (in German)

Accessible cycling in the Caritas Centre Olpe
Source: Zeitung Siegen, Photo: win

Thanks to the Van Raam pedal support, the bike is easy to cycle.

Special tricycle tandem brings more mobility

The private initiative 'Hits fürs Hospiz' in Germany supports the promotion of better participation of people with disabilities in everyday life. The association finds solutions that make cycling with a disability (again) possible, for example by means of a Fun2Go tricycle.

The 22 year old man from the Bergisch town of Gladbach (Germany) has a great desire to explore the Rhineland and the Bergisch country by bike together with his parents. Unfortunately, his illness has not (yet) allowed this, because his severe physical, motor and linguistic limitations prevent him from participating independently in traffic. With the Fun2Go tricycle tandem a possibility has been found. The duo-cycle makes guided cycling possible for people with a disability. Thanks to the Van Raam pedal support it is possible to cycle without problems, even by one person, and to be guided through the surroundings. He or she can ride along as a passenger and the own steering wheel improves the riding experience, while the belts and back support make it easy to sit down. In this way both the experience and the mobility are trained and the trips in the fresh air and in the company contribute to a good feeling. Read more about this experience in the article on the website (article in German).

Article on

Special tricycle tandem brings more mobility
Source: Bürgerportal Bergisch Gladbach

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