For extra safety on the bike, a mirror can be placed on the handlebar. With a mirror, you can look behind you without turning your head or torso. It is possible to have the mirror mounted on the left or right side.

Option mirror Van Raam
Mirror option Van Raam
Van Raam option mirror

Order your mirror at a Van Raam dealer

Do you want a mirror on your special needs bike? The mirror can be ordered at Van Raam dealers. The mirror can also be ordered afterwards and is easy to mount. Find your closest dealer on the dealer page.

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For which Van Raam bicycle is the mirror suitable?

The mirror can be ordered for the following bicycles:

Configure your own Van Raam bike

The online configurator on the Van Raam website allows you to easily put together your own Van Raam bicycle. This way, you can configure your own Van Raam bicycle with mirror.

Configure your Van Raam bike

Customer experiences of Van Raam bikes with a mirror

There are many customers who have a Van Raam mirror on their special needs bike. View some experiences below:

Maxi tricycle

"My name is Pieta Wessels. I have had a cerebral infarction which has affected my balance, but this does not stop me from moving. I'm very active and like to go out by bike."

Pieta Wessels - Gouda

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Easy Rider tricycle

"Herman de Grijff turned a hundred years old in April 2020. He still does everything with his Easy Rider tricycle, if the weather conditions are right he likes to get on his bike for a ride."

Herman de Grijff - Zutphen

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Twinny Plus tandem

"I have Parkinson's disease and I can no longer cycle independently. Walking is also becoming increasingly difficult. Now I can go everywhere with my husband. That is so nice."

Magdalena Olaerts - Zutendaal, Belgium

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Want to see more options?

Want to see more options that are suitable for the Van Raam bicycles? Check them out on the options page on the website.