Foot fixation

It is possible to assemble a foot fixation on the pedal on a Van Raam bike (Husky, Mini, Midi, Maxi, Maxi Comfort, Easy Rider, Easy Rider Junior, Easy Sport, Viktor, Viktoria, Twinny, Twinny Plus, Kivo, Kivo Plus, Fun2Go and FunTrain). With an easy closing system is it very simple to fixate the foot with the bands. For people who don’t need the fixation, the bands can be pushed forwards or backwards. The foot fixation are adjustable in length and width. Van Raam has 2 sizes in the foot fixation, Fix20 and Fix25. Fix20 is suitable for the shoe sizes 22 t/m 36 and Fix25 is suitable for the shoe size 37 t/m 48.

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