Balanced pedal with strap

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  • Option balance pedals for Van Raam special needs bike
  • Balanced pedal with strap Maxi tricycle Van Raam
  • Option balance pedals with instepbelt for Van Raam special needs bikes
  • Balance pedals with instepbelt option for Van Raam special needs bikes

A balanced pedal with strap supports your foot so that it does not slip off the pedal while cycling. You can use the instep strap to adjust the balance pedal to the desired size. You can then easily slide your foot in and out of the pedal without securing it.

Order your balanced pedal with strap at your Van Raam dealer

Balanced pedals wits straps can be ordered at Van Raam dealers. Would you like to order a balanced pedal with strap for your special needs bike? Check the dealer page and find a dealer in your area. A balanced pedal with strap can be ordered (retroactively) for both the left and right pedals.

  • Your foot is securely placed on the pedal thanks to the instep strap
  • The balance pedal always stays upright
  • You can easily take your foot off the pedal
Custom experiences
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Customer experience Maxi electric tricycle – v.d. Donk-Suk
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Customer experience Maxi electric tricycle – Nannie v.d. Donk-Suk
Nannie has chronic idiopathic axonal polyneuropathy (CIAP), a condition of the nerves that leads to a reduction or change in sensation and muscle function. Now, with the help of rehabilitation, she can cycle again on the Maxi electric tricycle! Read Nannie's story here.
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User experience Easy Rider tricycle - Louise Kotterink
9 / 10
User experience Easy Rider tricycle - Louise Kotterink
Hi, my name is Louise Kotterink and I live in Bad Bentheim (Germany) together with my pets. Cycling on a regular bike is no longer possible because I'm sick and have two kinds of rheumatism, so I decided to buy an Easy Rider tricycle.
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Steel, Plastic


€ 36 (excl. VAT and shipping)

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