Attaching and adjusting the Van Raam foot fixation


Attaching and adjusting the Van Raam foot fixation

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Attaching and adjusting the Van Raam foot fixation

If you order an adapted bike with one or two foot fixation(s), this will be fitted by the dealer. In this article you can find out how to attach and remove a foot fixation from a Van Raam bike and what sizes are available. This can also be handy to know if you want to transport your bicycle. Also see how, a dealer, the width can be adjusted to your foot size. Learn all this in the following video and related article.

Video about fitting, removing and adjusting foot fixation

Watch the video below to see what sizes of foot fixations are available, how the foot fixation can best be fitted to the customer and how they can be attached to and removed from the pedals of your fitted bike.
In general, as a Van Raam cyclist you can put the footrests on and take them off by yourself. This can be an advantage if you want to transport the bike and need more space. However, in most cases you do not need to move the foot fixation. The dealer who adjusts the bike for you on delivery or pick-up will also adjust the footrests for you.

The Van Raam foot fixation

Many Van Raam bikes offer the option of attaching one or two foot fixations to the pedal(s) on the adapted bike.
Foot fixations offer more stability and safety for people who can slip off the pedals quickly or who can't apply the force to stay on it. Thereby you stay with your feet on the pedals of your bicycle and can ride (again) comfortably.
With a simple and safe ratchet strap it is so easy to get your foot firmly in the shell and out again. In addition, the width of the footrests is also adjustable.

Van Raam has 2 sizes in the selection, Fix 20 and Fix 25.

  • Fix 20  is suitable for shoe sizes 22 -36 (EU) with a minimum shoe width of 6,5 cm and a maximum shoe width of 9 cm and

  • Fix 25  is suitable for shoe sizes 37-48 (EU) with a minimum shoe width of 8,5 cm and a maximum shoe width of 13 cm.

Adjusting the foot fixation to the rider

In the following the foot fixation has to be adjusted to the customer, this can be done in the width because of the different sizes.
You can do this by loosening the screws on one of the inner sides of the footrests with an Allen key.

The feet can be fixed individually by sliding the two toothed belts into the quick release. The quick release can be unlocked by pulling the quick release completely backwards. The toothed belt can then be pulled out.
The toothed belts can be cut to size. The belt must be at least five centimetres overlength. 

Attaching and adjusting the Van Raam foot fixation to rider

Tip for adjustments

When adjusting the foot fixation, bring the rear parts together in a V-shape.
This gives you a better fit, as one foot is narrower at the back than the front.

Attaching and adjusting the Van Raam footrest for special bike Tip

Attaching and removing the foot fixation

To attach the foot fixation to your pedals you can simply slide them onto the pedals, turn the bottom towards you so that you have easy access and you can tighten the wing nuts.

To remove the footrest from the pedals, first unscrew the wing nut and then pull the foot fixation away from the pedals.

Attaching and removing the foot rests
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