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Are you looking for a side-by-side tandem to enjoy a bike ride together? We give you 10 tips to help you with the purchase of a (electric) side-by-side tandem.

10 tips for purchasing a side-by-side tandem

1.    Search for information about the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

The name of the bike (Fun2Go) says it all, fun for two! On this three-wheel tandem you sit comfortably next to each other. One person steers and brakes and the other person can ride along. Because you’re sitting next to each other on this bike, both the driver and the passenger can enjoy the surroundings during the bike ride and socialize with each other. The driver can also monitor the passenger if necessary. Because the double rider cycle has an easy entry and comfortable seats, the bike is suitable for a wide audience. Because the Fun2Go double rider cycle has three wheels, you can sit (without falling over) while standing still.

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2.   Determine your cycling goal

Where and with whom do you want to go by bike? Do you want to make long bike trips together with the passenger or make short trips through the city to shop? The cycling goal that you set, also determines how the bike should be built up, with for example gears for both driver and co-driver, type of seats and the possibility of pedal support.

3.   Plan a test ride and consult at Van Raam before you buy a side-by-side tandem

Making a test ride is very important. With a test ride you can experience for yourself what it is like to ride a side-by-side tandem as a driver or co-driver. During the test ride you notice the maneuverability of the bike and how easy it is to cycle with this bike. During the consult, a Van Raam adviser also explains which options are possible to make the bike entirely to your liking. Our advisors will gladly help you during a test ride in our showroom!

Plan a test ride

4.   Whether or not an electric side-by-side tandem (with pedal support)?

An electric motor/pedal support is an option that makes cycling on the side-by-side tandem even lighter. With the system turned on, you can even cycle backwards. Read all about Van Raam’s unique electrial pedal support called Silent System.

5.   Get a good advice about all the possible options

The Fun2Go side-by-side tandem is standard equipped with gears, rear hydraulic brakes, parking brake, lock, shopping basket, seat adjustment and lighting. To make the bike completely to your liking, there are all kinds of extra options possible to add. Think for example of an extra battery pack, retractable footplate/step for the passenger, stick holder, belts, foot fixation, rotatable seat, armrests or comfort seat. It is also possible to mount a wheelchair holder behind the side-by-side tandem, so that a wheelchair can be taken along. All options are listed on the price list of the side-by-side-tandem, which can be found on the Fun2Go product page. Did you know that we also have a special side-by-side tandem trailer, called the FunTrain. If you buy this bike trailer in addition to the bike, you can even cycle with 4 people.

  • side-by-side tandem basket

    Side-by-side tandem basket

  • side by side tandem footplate

    Footplate / step

  • side by side tandem belts and armrests

    Belts and armrests

  • side by side tandem rotatable seat

    Rotatable seat

  • side by side tandem foot fixation on pedal

    Foot fixation

  • side by side tandem thick pillow

    Extra thick seat pillow and armrests

  • side by side tandem wheelchair holder

    Wheelchair holder

6. Add bicycle accessories

Complete the side-by-side tandem with a speedometer, direction indicator or mirror. Instead of an speedometer, you can also use the free Van Raam eBike app for the electric side-by-side tandem.

7. Choose a color as desired

To complete the bike you can choose your own color. The side-by-side tandem has a standard color. This color and several other colors are mentioned on the price list. Is your favorite color not listed on the price list? No problem! Because we powder coate all our bicycles in our factory, there is also the possibility to choose a different color (of those available).

8.    Assemble your own side-by-side tandem

Do you know exactly how your side-by-side tandem should look like? Then use our configurator and assemble your own duo bike.

Configure your own side-by-side tandem

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9. Order the side-by-side tandem at a Van Raam dealer

A Fun2Go side-by-side tandem can be ordered at a Van Raam dealer. As soon as your bike is ready, we deliver the bike to the concerning dealer. Then the dealer ensures that you get your purchased bike.

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Extra tip: Financing the Fun2Go duo bike

Purchasing an adapted bicycle is not an everyday expense. There are several ways to finance a duo bike. For example: self-pay, through a fundraising campaign or through the municipality with the Social Support Act (Wmo).

Tips to raise money

10. Questions about buying a side-by-side tandem? Contact Van Raam

Do you have questions about buying a side-by-side tandem or do you want advice? Contact us!

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Do you have any questions?

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