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  • Wheelchair holder Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam
  • Wheelchair holder option special needs bike Van Raam

For the Fun2Go and FunTrain duo bike trailer it is possible to assemble a wheelchair holder. With this option you can take a wheelchair (foldable push-pull wheelchair) with you on a special carrier on the back of the bike. With this holder, people who are in a wheelchair can take their wheelchair on their duo bike. This allows them to continue in their wheelchair on location after the bike ride.

Order your wheelchair holder at a Van Raam dealer

Interested in a wheelchair holder? You can order the wheelchair holder at Van Raam dealers. Find a dealer in your area via the dealer page.

  • Take a foldable wheelchair along on the bike
  • Placed at the rear of the bike so you have a good view
  • The wheelchair holder is easily removable.

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€ 368 (excl. VAT and shipping)

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