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Tandem bike for sale - Van Raam tips

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Tandem bike for sale Van Raam tips

Tandem bike for sale, but don't know how to buy it? We give you 10 tips that will help you through the buying process of a Van Raam (electric) tandem.

10 tips to buy a tandem bike

1. Find information about the Van Raam tandems

Van Raam's tandems are used to enjoy cycling together. Because of the low entry level or lack of entry and the different options, the tandems are often used with people who can no longer cycle independently.

Van Raam has tandems with two or three wheels and tandems that are suitable for adults or an adult with a child. These are the tandems from the assortment:

  • Tandem where you sit next to each other, also called a side-by-side tandem: the Fun2Go. Behind this side-by-side tandem you can also mount the tandem trailer FunTrain.

  • The tandem with two wheels where two adults sit behind each other: the Twinny. The Twinny Plus is the version with three wheels.

  • A two-wheel tandem where a child and an adult sit behind each other: the Kivo. The Kivo Plus is the three-wheel tandem.

Tandem bike for sale Van Raam tips
The tandems Fun2Go, Twinny and Kivo Plus

Are you still in doubt about a two-wheel tandem or a three-wheel tandem? Then read the article ‘Which tandem is suitable for you.'

On the Van Raam website you can find more information about the different tandems, such as photos, videos, technical specifications and customer experiences.

Read more about the tandems

2. Tandem bike for sale? First determine your cycling goal

Why do you want to buy a tandem bike? With whom and for what exactly are you going to use the tandem? Is the tandem for short rides to the supermarket or long bike rides? The cycling goal you have in mind also determines how the tandem can best be assembled, with for example gears for both driver and co-driver, type of seats and the possibility of pedal support.

3. Test the tandem during a test ride at Van Raam

Get to know Van Raam's tandems during a test ride. All the available tandems are present in Van Raam's spacious showroom and can be tested during an appointment. During the appointment you can experience yourself what it is like to cycle on a tandem as a driver or co-driver during a ride on the test track. During the appointment, a technical advisor will explain which options are available to customize the tandem to your wishes.

Read more about a test ride on the test ride page.

Test ride at Van Raam

Private counseling at showroom manufacturer of special needs bikes Van Raam
Showroom at Van Raam

Tip: Discuss the possibilities for a test ride with a Van Raam dealer

Are you unable to come to Van Raam in Varsseveld (the Netherlands)? At some Van Raam dealers it is also possible to make a test ride. Please contact a dealer in your area for more information.

4. Get informed about the different options for tandem bikes for sale

Try different tandems during the test ride and determine together with the technical advisor which tandem is the most suitable. Ask during the test ride which options are possible on the various models. Each Van Raam bicycle is available with many options and accessories to customise the bicycle to your own wishes. For example, choose an electric tandem, foot trays, a special saddle or a mirror. During the appointment at Van Raam the Van Raam advisor can tell you all about the possible options and accessories.

Bicycle parts and options for Van Raam special needs bikes

The options are listed on the price list of each tandem bicycle, which can be found on the product page of the tandem in question. During the test ride at Van Raam you will create a quotation together with the technical advisor. On this quotation you will find the tandem with the options that are suitable for you.

5. Use the configurator to put together your ideal (electric) tandem bicycle

At Van Raam you have the possibility to put together your own bike online. You can configure your tandem with the configuration tool on our website. Configuring your tandem is done in a few simple steps. All the options you choose are immediately visible in the overview onthe page. Curious about the tandem bike price? You will immediately see the tandem bike price with the chosen options.

Read more about the configurator in the article 'Put together your Van Raam bike with the bike configurator'.

Configure your own tandem

Put together your own tandem bike with the online configurator

6. Decide how you are going to finance the tandem

Buying a tandem is not an everyday occurrence. You can choose to use your own bank account to pay for the bike, but you may also be able to collect the right amount of money with a fundraiser. If you don't immediately have the financial means to pay for the tandem, fortunately there are many different ways to pay for your special needs bike. Van Raam gives you useful tips to ensure you can still use a Van Raam tandem in the future in the article 'Tips for raising money for a special needs bike'.

7. Find a Van Raam dealer in your area to order the tandem

Have you made the decision and do you want to buy the Van Raam tandem? Then you can order it at a Van Raam dealer. As soon as your tandem is ready, we will deliver the bike to the dealer in question. The dealer will then make sure that you get your tandem and will take care of the maintenance.

Van Raam has different types of dealers. With the handy dealer locator you can find a dealer near you. Read more about the different types of dealers and the dealer locator in the article 'Find a Van Raam dealer near you'.

Find your Van Raam dealer

8. Determine if you want to insure the tandem

The rules for insuring a special needs bike are different in each country. In the Netherlands you are not obliged to insure your (electric) tandem. However, it is advisable to do so. You can choose to insure your bicycle for theft and damage, in some cases there is also a possibility for roadside assistance. If you would like to insure your own (electric) tandem against theft and damage, for example, compare several providers and their conditions and choose which provider suits you best.

9. If you have any questions, please contact Van Raam

Do you have questions about buying a tandem or would you like advice? Please contact Van Raam and we will help you further.

10. Enjoy cycling on the tandem

Have you purchased the ideal tandem? Enjoy riding together (again)!

Enjoy cycling together on a Van Raam tandem bike

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to assist you! Please check our contact page or contact us directly using the options below.