Initiatives with the Fun2Go duo bike in times of corona neighbourlinass in times of corona


Initiatives with the Fun2Go duo bike in times of corona

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Initiatives with the Fun2Go duo bike in times of corona neighbourlinass in times of corona

Because of the coronavirus we now live in a special time. Fortunately in this special time, a lot of good initiatives are being started to be there for each other and to help each other. For example, Luna is now able to cycle again because she can borrow a Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike. Read more about Luna and other initiatives in this article.

Initiatives in times of corona

Many initiatives are being launched during this period. The aim of these initiatives is to be there for others and to help others. This can be done by doing groceries for the elderly, for example. There are also many other initiatives that were started by the coronavirus. Read below the initiatives about neighbourliness in times of corona and about the SWOA, a foundation for the elderly that uses its Fun2Go duo bike for households.

Initiatives with the Fun2Go duo bike in times of corona neighbourlinass in times of corona
Luna on the Fun2Go duo bike. Photo & Source: Martine Siemens

Neighbourliness in times of corona

Dutch photographer Martine Siemens photographed the initiatives and events that arose in the Achterhoek region by corona. The goal was to show and capture how we help each other and that we are there for each other. Among other things, she photographed the initiative for Luna.

18-year-old Luna has Down's Syndrome. Before the corona crisis broke out in the Netherlands, she went from Monday to Friday to a day care centre and to a care farm. Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, Luna is no longer allowed to go to the day-care centre or the care farm and she sits at home a lot.

Luna's mother wanted to give her some distraction, preferably outdoors. She came into contact with Van Raam dealer Walraven in the village of Sinderen (the Netherlands) and was offered the opportunity to borrow a Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike. They are allowed to use the duo bike for a month so that Luna and her mother can make many beautiful bike rides and she no longer has to sit at home for whole days. (Source: Facebook page and website from Martine Siemens)

Foundation for the elderly uses duo bike

In the city of Arnhem (the Netherlands) the SWOA foundation, a foundation for the wellbeing of elderly people, also came up with an initiative. The foundation is committed to helping the elderly discover what is still possible and to use their talents. They believe that older people can do more than they think and help the elderly to do so. For example, they use a Fun2Go duo bike from Van Raam. This duo bike is used by the foundation to let the elderly and volunteers cycle together.

Because of the current corona measures, this is not possible at the moment. However, SWOA is now using the duo bike for households. This means that two people living in the same house can take the duo bike for a ride through the Arnhem neighbourhoods. In this way, elderly people can go outside again or someone in the family for whom cycling is not a matter of course, can cycle again. For more information see the SWOA website (in Dutch).

Initiatives with the Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike in times of corona for households Arnhem
Source: SWOA

5 reasons why cycling protects against corona

'Social distancing' is best achieved by bicycle, according to the government and scientists in Germany. You protect yourself, others and you strengthen your lungs. We have five (5) reasons why cycling protects you from corona and also give you tips you can follow when cycling. Read more in the article '5 reasons why cycling protects against corona'.

5 reasons why cycling protects

5 reasons why cycling protects against corona
Initiatives with the Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike in times of corona

Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike

The duo bike Fun2Go can be seen a lot on the street. It is a side-by-side tandem in which the users sit next to each other so they can communicate well, but also have a good view on the road. For people with a disability, the duo bike can offer a solution, because this bike has many advantages, whether optional or not. Many residential care centres also make use of this bicycle, as do initiatives to cycle with others such as the Fietsmaatjes project (a cycling buddies project).

Standard benefits:

  • No step in, easy to take your seat

  • 1 person steers and both can pedal

  • 8 gears

  • Comfortable adjustable sittings with backrests

  • Very agile, the bike can rotate around its own axis

Optional extra benefits:

You can read everything about the Fun2Go on the product page by clicking on the button.

Please note: it is important that you always stick to the corona measures that apply at the time.


Fun2Go duo bike with protection screen in times of corona

More action is being taken to fight corona. By developing a protection screen for the Fun2Go duo bike, people canride the Fun2Go together again, without (possibly) infecting the other person. Want to know more about the screen? Click the button below.

News article protection screen

Thuisbij Uitgeest protection screen Fun2Go
Cycling with a disability Van Raam special needs bikes

Cycling with a disability

Not everyone can cycle on a standard two-wheel bike. To help these people, Van Raam produces special needs bikes. Our mission is: offer people with a disability sustainable and contemporary mobility. Van Raam produces:

One of these special needs bikes often makes cycling with a disability possible again. Read all about this in the article 'Cycling with a disability'.

Cycling with a disability

Cycling on a Van Raam special needs bike for multiple persons

Cycling on a bike for multiple persons

Cycling is healthy in many ways. Besides the fact that exercise is important for your body and mind, cycling is also a very social way of exercising. In addition to the Fun2Go, Van Raam has several bikes for more than one person in its range:

Many elderly people can no longer walk, cycle or go shopping on their own. As a result, there is a chance that they will become socially isolated. Many of the Van Raam bicycles in the range are therefore used as a bicycle taxi for the elderly. Read all about this in the article ‘Special needs bicycles as a bicycle taxi for the elderly’. Please note: it is important that you always stick to the corona measures that apply at the time.

Van Raam bicycle taxi

Private counseling appointment at Van Raam

Update: As of March 2023, you can schedule a regular test ride at Van Raam instead of private counseling.

Would you like to experience for yourself what a special needs bike can do for you? In this time of the corona crisis, Van Raam has come up with a creative solution so that it is possible to come to the showroom by appointment for an extensive private counseling meeting with a technical advisor. During this conversation, the possibilities will be discussed and eventually, a test ride on the bike will be made. After this, the technical advisor will make you an offer with which you can go to your Van Raam dealer. The dealer can order the bike from Van Raam. Read more about private counseling in the article ‘Private counseling at Van Raam in connection with coronavirus’.

Private counseling

Private Shopping in showroom Van Raam because of coronavirus

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