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Fun2Go duo bike with protection screen in times of corona

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van raam fun2go protection screen

The Fun2Go duo bike is intended for people who can no longer cycle independently, for example due to a disability or their age. With the Fun2Go you cycle with two persons next to each other, a driver and a co-driver. In this way people who can no longer cycle independently can still cycle together with a companion. Until corona put an abrupt end to this. Because how can you keep your distance if you cycle with two people next to each other?

Physical barrier between driver and co-driver

Keeping a distance is difficult, which is why Van Raam created a physical barrier between the driver and the co-driver. With the protection screen in between, people can ride the Fun2Go together again, without (possibly) infecting the other person. Van Raam's goal is to let everyone cycle again, whether it is a physical disability or whether cycling is restricted by external influences. By developing a protection screen, users of the Fun2Go duo bike can still go out and enjoy a bike ride together in times of corona.

Continue to cycle safely

The protection screen is made of polyurethane film and is fully transparent. The screen is therefore not only safer in terms of corona measures, but also safe because no visibility is taken away from the driver. The driver and co-driver can still see the surroundings and each other and 'just' chat with each other. The protection screen is also no obstacle to the optional rotatable seat on the Fun2Go double rider cycle.

van raam fun2go protection screen

Strong, flexible and easy to clean

Polyurethane film is a thin but strong plastic material. It weighs almost nothing and is therefore much less heavy than (plexi)glass, making it easier to mount on the bike. In addition, the film is very flexible, which gives it a very high tear resistance. Because of this you don't get hurt either. Polyurethane film is easy to clean. With water, soap and possibly screen cleaner you can easily clean the surface.

Attaching and detaching the protection screen

The protection screen is easy to attach and remove. The screen is pre-assembled, as are the mounting blocks that are placed on the bike. All parts are delivered in a box.You can mount the mounting blocks (front and rear) on the bike yourself. By mounting the blocks at the right distance, the screen is also easy to tension. With the quick-release devices on the mounting blocks, the screen can easily be detached and attached. Mounting the blocks of the entire screen on the bicycle will take a maximum of half an hour. Once the mounting blocks are in place, you can remove the screen in a minute and put it back on again. With direct family from the same household, you can also quickly cycle without a screen. Can't you assemble the screen? Please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

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  • spare parts of the fun2go protection screen

    1. Spare parts mounting blocks

  • front part mounting fun2go protection screen

    2. Mounting the front mounting block

  • mounting fun2go protection screen at the rear

    3. Mounting the rear mounting block

  • van raam protection screen in mounting block

    4. Slide the protection screen into the mounting blocks and secure it in place

  • the protection screen on the fun2go duo bike

    5. The mounted protection screen on the Fun2Go

  • quick release device on protection screen van raam fun2go

    6. Quick-release device protection screen (for attaching and detaching the screen)

Video placing a protection screen on Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam

In the video you can see how you can easily attach the protection screen to the bike with the mounting blocks. With the quick-release devices on the mounting blocks, the screen can alsoeasily be detached.

Available at Van Raam dealer

The protection screen can be ordered at Van Raam dealers, while stocks last. The screen can be mounted on all Fun2Go bikes, also on the older models. Click on the button below to find a dealer nearby.

Van Raam dealers

Elderly at day care centre use protection screen

Thuisbij Uitgeest is a day care centre for the elderly with dementia and memory problems. Thuisbij offers these people a pleasant day by means of meeting, relaxing and learning from each other. They also own a Fun2Go double rider cycle with which they like to take a ride through the area together with the elderly. Thuisbij Uitgeest has received a first version of the protection screen and has already taken a number of rides with it on the Fun2Go. They loved being able to give a safe high five again while cycling.

Thuisbij Uitgeest is cycling with the protection screen
remoove fun2go protection screen
Source: Remoove Srl

Protection screen Fun2Go in Italy

Also at Remoove, a Van Raam dealer in Italy, they are happy with the protection screen for the Fun2Go. Remoove's mission is to make new forms of transport accessible and inclusive. Read more about Remoove and take a look at all the bikes and pictures of Van Raam bikes on their website and social media.


Cycling protects against corona

According to the German government and scientists, cycling is the best way for 'social distancing'. It protects you against the virus in different ways. For example, you don't touch infected surfaces, it can have a preventive effect and it strengthens the lungs and the blood vessel system. Click on the button below for more information on why cycling protects against corona.

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3D printed parts for splash caps against corona

Van Raam is taking more action to fight corona. At the moment there is a shortage of mouthguards and splash caps in health care. Together with young people from the Achterhoek, Van Raam makes 3D print parts for splash caps. Would you like to know more about this? Then click on the button below.

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