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360 degree/3D photos of Van Raam special needs bikes

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van raam full screen 360 degrees 3D photos

On all product pages of our Van Raam bicycles you can find photos and illustrations of the bikes. Van Raam innovates regularly and always wants to find new and better ways to present you the special needs bikes. New at Van Raam is that you can now find and 360 degree/3D photos of almost all Van Raam custom bikes. Learn in this article what 360 degree/3D photos are and where you can find and view them on a product page of a Van Raam bicycle.

What are 360 degree/3D photos?

With a normal photo we see two-dimensional, with a 3D/360 degree photo you dee three dimensions. The dimensions of width, depth and height can be shown better, so that the product, in this case our adapted bicycle, can be viewed from all sides, just like in real life. Furthermore, the perspectives can also be changed here. For example, you can look at the bicycle from above or below, from close up or far away. So your angle of vision on the bicycle is 360 degrees.

Video: 360 degree/3D photos of Van Raam bikes

How can I view the photos?

You can view the 3D / 360 degree photos at Van Raam on every product page of our bicycles, on the desktop (laptop and computer) exceptthe Viktor and Viktoria.

If you are on a product page of a customized bike, as an example we use the Fun2Go side by side tandem, you can see below the photos in the upper Part of the page an orange ball/point with the 360 degree symbol and the text "View this bike in 360 degrees / 3D".

This image and text are clickable. If you then click on the text or the picture with the 360 degree symbol, a popup, so another window appears.

In the newly opened window, you now have various options for viewing the bicycle. These are described in the following.

How to view new 360 degree and 3D photos Van Raam special needs bikes
  • Let it play

If you click on the grey play symbol in the lower left corner, the 360 degree view will be played automatically. You don't need to do anything else here, the camera rotates around the bike by themselves, so you can get a complete view of the bike.

  • 360 degree view 

If you click on the blue 360 degree symbol and click on the picture with your mouse, you can rotate and view the photo of the bicycle in all directions with your hand. You can also zoom in and out using the magnifying glasses with the plus and minus symbol.

  • Move manually

Select the symbol of the hand to move the photo manually. You can move it from left to right and from top to bottom while the bike remains in one position. You can view the bike from the same direction. When you switch back to 360 degrees you can choose another angle from which you want to view the bike. When you switch back to the hand you can move the photo again. You can also zoom in and out using the magnifying glasses with the plus and minus symbol.

360 degrees 3D photo Van Raam Pop up
  • ​View in full screen

By clicking on the symbol under the magnifying glasses at the bottom right you will get into a full screen mode where the window opens over your whole screen. All the options mentioned so far can also be used here. If you press the "Esc" key on your keyboard this window closes.

van raam full screen 360 degrees 3D photos
  • More photos

In the full screen mode you have the possibility to view more photos and details photos of the bike. To switch to a photo you can click on one of the round pictures above. To navigate further through the photos you can select a photo again or use the arrows to the right and left of the picture.  

360 degree 3D photo Website more photos

  • 360 degree 3D photos symbol play

    Play the 360 degree view as video.

  • 360 degree 3D photos symbol manually

    Move the photo manually.

  • 360 degree 3D photos symbol 360

    Get a 360 degree view of the photo.

  • 360 degree 3D photos symbol full screen

    Switch to full screen mode.

  • 360 degrees 3D photos symbol zoom in

    Zoom into the photo.

  • 360 degree 3D photos symbol zoom out

    Zoom out of the photo.

Van Raam Bicycles

View the 360 ​​degree / 3D photos of our bikes on the product page. Click on the button below for the category of bikes you want to view.

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Test ride

Do you prefer to try out the bikes yourself rather than look at them? Try a Van Raam bicycle at Van Raam during a free test ride in Varsseveld (the Netherlands) or in Treuchlingen (Germany)! You will receive advice from a technical consultant. It is possible to use the bicycle test track and you will receive a free offer. Or look for a dealer that is near you.

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Innovation at Van Raam

bicycle parts from the 3d printer at van raam

3D Printer

We constantly check how the adapted bikes and the production processes can be improved or even renewed. One of the innovative techniques is the printing of bicycle parts with a 3D printer. Read more about 3D in the article “Bicycle parts from the 3D printer at Van Raam.

3D printer

Van Raam bicycle factory adapted bicycles in Varsseveld

Innovation page

We are proud of the bikes we have developed with the most modern production methods, and since December 2018 in our new, modern bicycle factory. We have also won several innovation awards and Van Raam is a leader in Smart Industry and Smart Working. Read more about it on out Innovation page.

Innovation page

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