Duo-bike Fun2Go with child seat Van Raam


Cycling with a child on the Fun2Go duo bike with child seat

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Duo-bike Fun2Go with child seat Van Raam

With the Fun2Go duo bike you cycle with two people next to each other, so you can enjoy a bike ride together. The bike is mainly used by adults and elderly people, but did you know that the Fun2Go is available with a child seat for the co-driver? Find out more about the possibility of a child seat on the Fun2Go in this article.

Cycling together with your child

A bicycle for your child is normally a good solution if you want to go out with your child and don't always want to take the car. But how do you do that if your child can't ride on his/her own, but you still want to let him/her pedal? There are a number of possibilities to go out for a bike ride with your child. People often think of a trailer bike or a tandem, but Van Raam also offers the possibility to cycle next to each other on the same bike, together with your child.

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Cycling with a child on the Fun2Go duo bike with child seat

Next to your child on the Fun2Go duo bike

On the Fun2Go duo bike with child seat you don't cycle with your child in front, on the back or separately, but you cycle right next to your child. This is of course a lot cozier and it gives you and your child a nice view where both of you can take a good look at the surroundings. In addition, you have a perfect view of and attention to the child and better communication is possible thanks to the seating positions next to each other. With the optional switchable disengagement hub, the driver of the Fun2Go can determine whether the child is pedalling (possibly mandatory). With the hub you can use three positions to determine how you cycle together:

  1. The child's pedals move with the driver's pedals. The child must ride along.

  2. The child's pedals move independently of the pedals of the rider. The child can ride along on his or her own.

  3. The child's pedals move independently of the driver's pedals. The pedals rotate freely and the child cannot ride.

Duo-bike Fun2Go with child seat Van Raam
Fun2Go 1 with child seat

Advantages of Van Raam duofiets with child seat

  • Cycling next to your child
  • View of the child
  • Better communication through seats side by side
  • 1 person steers but both can pedal
  • Safe (stable and robust)
  • Tested as best
  • Comfortable cycling
  • Easy to control
  • Child has his own handlebar at height
  • No entry and safe seating
  • Enormously manoeuvrable bike and can turn around its own axis
  • Lock on the handlebar

Photos of the Fun2Go 1 with child seat

Duo-bike Van Raam Fun2Go with child seat
duo bike Fun2Go Van Raam with child seat
Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike with child seat


The Fun2Go with child seat is a frame adaptation to the normal Fun2Go duo bike model. The seat can only be mounted/replaced with an adjustment to the frame.

Advice and configurator

Curious about the Fun2Go duofiets child? We are happy to give you individual advice. A private consultation is free of charge and can be scheduled online or by phone (+31 (0)315 - 25 73 70). With our Van Raam bike configurator you can compose your own custom bike that completely meets your wishes. With this online tool you can choose the frame and colour yourself, but also whether you want pedal assistance or extra options such as mirrors, a direction indicator signal or a child seat. All prices are shown in the configurator.

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Other cycling possibilities with child Van Raam

In addition to the duo-cycle with child seat, Van Raam offers several possibilities to cycle together with your child. For children who are not able to ride a regular two-wheeler or standard children's tricycle, we make special tricycles for children. Often it concerns children with a physical disability who therefore need special adaptations on the bike in order to be able to cycle. Van Raam offers the following tricycles for children:

Midi tricycle for children or small adults by Van Raam
Midi tricycle
Kivo Plus tricycle tandem Van Raam
Kivo Plus tricycle tandem

Tandems Van Raam

Van Raam's tandems are used to enjoy cycling together. Because of the low entry level or lack of an entry level and the different options, the tandems are often used with people who can no longer cycle independently. Van Raam offers next to the duo-cycle tricycle tandem two more options to cycle with your child on a tandem: 

Van Raam transport bikes

Our transport bikes are suitable for children or adults who cannot or do not want to participate in traffic on their own. With a transport bike you can cycle together with your child or several people who are not able to do so on their own. Van Raam has four types of transport bikes:

OPair wheelchair bike Van Raam
OPair wheelchair bike


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