van raam bike configurator overview put together your bike


The Van Raam bike configurator

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van raam bike configurator overview put together your bike

At the website from Van Raam, producer of special needs bikes, you can put together your own adjusted bike with the bike configurator. This article explains what the bike configurator exactly is.

The bike configurator from Van Raam

Every person is different, and every person is looking for differentoptions and possibilities for his or hers special needs Van Raam bike. Therefore, every bike in the product range is unique and every bike has different options and possibilities. To help everyone finding the right bike, we developed a special tool: the bike configurator.

With the bike configurator on Van Raam's website, you can put together a bike which meets your wishes completely. With this online tool, you can choose the frame and the color, but also whether you want pedal support or extra options such as belts, foot fixation or a direction indicator.

Do you want to put together your bike directly? Click at the button below to go to the configurator.

To the configurator

van raam bike configurator overview put together your bike

Before you get started with the bike configurator

Before you can configuring a bike, it is important to know which type of bike suits you best. In the configurator, you will start with a basic bike. For example, think of theBalance two wheel bike, the Easy Rider tricycle of the Easy Go scooter bike. Do you want to know which bike suits you? View all our bikes and go to a Van Raam dealer in your area via the dealer page our schedule a free test ride in our showroom in Varsseveld.

Find a Van Raam dealer

How does the Van Raam bike configurator work?

Once you know which type of bike suits you, you can configure the bike. The configuration can be done in a few teps:

Step 1: Choose your basic bike. After that you can choose whether you want to configure your bike starting from a pre-configured bike or put the bike together yourself.
Step 2: Choose the options related to the frame and the drive, then choose the colour of your bike. In the third category, you will find all the options and accessories. For a pre-configured bike, we have already selected a number of popular options for you, which can simply be changed.
Step 3: Receive a unique configuration code, with which you can always review the configuration or continue editing. Please note that if you make a change, you generate a new configuration code.

All prices are indicated in the configurator. Once you have put together your bike to your wishes, you can see the exact costs from your unique Van Raam bike. Because the prices are directly visible, it is important that you state the correct VAT percentage, so that you get the correct price indication.

Do you want to know more about how the configurator works? Click on the button below to go to the explanation with video about how you put together your special needs bike in the bike configurator.

Explanation about the configurator

Order a configured bike

Please note that that the configuration of a bike is not an order or a quotation request. An order at Van Raam can only be made by a Van Raam dealer. You can send the configuration by e-mail to your dealer or take a printed version to your dealer. In the dealer overview you can see which dealer is in your area.

Contact Van Raam

Do you have questions about your configuration or do you have a request for a quotation? Then please check the box 'contact me' in the last step (when sending the configuration code) and fill in your details. Someone from our sales department will contact you about your configuration.

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