7 tips for save cycling


7 tips for safe cycling

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7 tips for save cycling

As a cyclist, you are vulnerable in traffic. It is important to pay attention in traffic and to obey the traffic rules. In this article we would like to give you 7 tips for cycling safely on a adapted Van Raam bicycle.

safe cycling Balance and the Maxi Comfort Van Raam

Tip 1. Make sure you have the right bike

For safe cycling on the road it is important to have a bike that fits your needs. Do you need extra stability or do you want a low step in for easy mounting and dismounting? Van Raam has a bicycle for almost all people with a disability in its range that can be cycled safely. Our bicycles are also suitable for people who can no longer cycle independently. See our range Van Raam bicycles

Tip 2. Safe cycling with extra options

Van Raam offers additional options to adjust your bicycle to your wishes. There are various options that contribute to extra bicycle safety. For example, mirrors, direction indicators and footrests. All options can be found on our Options page.


safe biking with footrests
Practice on your bike first for more bicycle safety

Tip 3. Practice on your bike first

An special needs bike rides differently than a regular bike. Before you safely start cycling longer distances, you can practice on the bike beforehand. First cycle a short distance in your neighborhood, practice getting on and off the bike and practice making turns. This way you get to know your bike well and you create more confidence on the bike, this results in more bicycle safety.Do you have a tricycle, or are you considering purchasing a tricycle? Then read in the article 'How to ride on a trike bike' more about the differences between a bicycle and a tricycle in the article and watch the video with tips for cycling on a tricycle.

Tip 4. Electric bike safety

Almost all bicycles from Van Raam can be equipped with pedal support. It is important to practice with pedal support before you take to the road safely. You can cycle considerably faster on an e-bike than on a bicycle without pedal support. Take this into account in traffic. For example, when overtaking other road users, it is wise to call out so that the other road users know that you are coming. In addition, it is better not to use full pedal assistance in bends for safe biking.It is with two-wheeled bicycles possible that you go too fast and lose your balance and fall.

Van Raam pedal support

electric bike safety
wear a bicycle helmet for extra safety on a adapted bicycle

Extra tip: Wear a bike helmet

For extra safety while cycling, we advise you to wear a bicycle helmet. This prevents serious head and brain damage in case of a fall. Make sure you have a properly fitting helmet and fasten it securely before every ride. If the helmet is damaged, it must be replaced. 

Tip 5. Plan your route for added bicycle safety

Before you start cycling, plan your route. Almost all Van Raam bikes, for example the tricycles and tandems, are wider than regular bikes. Check in advance whether the roads are suitable for your bike for safe cycling. In addition, try to avoid bad road surfaces and estimate whether your battery is sufficiently charged for the bike ride.

Plan your route for added bicycle safety
Cycling in the dark make sure you are visible in traffic for extra bicycle safety

Tip 6. Make sure you are visible in traffic

You can increase your cycling at night safety by being highly visible in traffic. In the dark, cyclists are sometimes hard to see for other road users. Light clothing and lights on your bike increases safe cycling in the dark. Read more tips in the article '10 tips for cycling in the dark'.

Tip 7. Check your bike regularly

Check your bike regularly before you set off. To cycle safely, you can, for example, check that the lights are working, the brakes are working properly and that the battery is charged (for an electric bike). But also make sure your bike is well maintained. Your Van Raam dealer can do this for you, but you can also do some things yourself. For example, make sure you have the right tire pressure. This significantly increases bicycle safety, because tires that do not have the right pressure wear out earlier and will be flat sooner. In addition, proper tire pressure increases the range of an electric bike. Read more tips in the article '10 tips for the maintenance of a (special needs) bike'.

Check your bike regularly

Free test ride at Van Raam

Are you curious about which Van Raam bicycle you can ride safely? Please visit Van Raam for a free test ride. During your appointment at the Van Raam showroom in Varsseveld (NL) or Treuchtlingen (DE), you will be assisted by a technical advisor. At some Van Raam dealers it is also possible to make a test ride. Please contact your local dealer for more information.


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