4 important tips for taking a test ride


4 important tips for taking a test ride

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4 important tips for taking a test ride

Are you looking for an adapted bicycle? Then taking a test ride is very important. Read in this article 4 important tips for taking a test ride.

Take a test ride at Van Raam or a dealer

It is possible to make an appointment for a test ride at Van Raam, in Varsseveld or Treuchtlingen, and some Van Raam dealers. During an appointment you will receive expert advice from a dealer and have the opportunity to try out different bikes. Read below the 4 most important tips for taking a test ride.

Tip 1. Get advice

Get informed during the consultation. During the consultation, the advisor will try to find out which bicycle suits you best. Therefore, tell the advisor why cycling on a regular bicycle is no longer possible and what you are looking for in an adapted bicycle. This could be more stability for example, or the possibility to cycle with someone. 

4 important tips for taking a test ride

Tip 2. Test different adapted bicycles

Each Van Raam bicycle has different unique riding characteristics. Some bikes are more suitable for a person than others. Therefore, it is important to test different bikes during your appointment. Beforehand, you may have a certain type of bike in mind that you would like to purchase, but perhaps a different bike will suit you better in practice.

Tip 3. Test your agility on the bike

Every bike rides differently. Test your agility on the bicycle during a test ride. At Van Raam in the Netherlands we have a special test track outside next to the showroom. Can you easily make a turn? For example, a tricycle with two wheels at the front has a larger turning circle than a tricycle with two wheels at the back.

Testing a bicycle on the test track at Van Raam Varsseveld

Tip 4. Determine your cycling goal

It is important to determine in advance in what situation you want to use your bike. Do you want to ride long distances or only for short trips to the supermarket, for example? Based on your wishes, the bike can be equipped with additional options and accessories, such as a bike basket or pedal assistance.

options and accessories for a adapted bike

Plan a test ride

Would you like to put the above tips into practice and take a test ride on an adapted bicycle? You can! You can easily fill out a form to request a test ride at Van Raam in the Netherlands. It is also possible to make a test ride at some Van Raam dealers. Please contact your local dealer and ask about the possibilities.

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