10 tips for cycling in the dark


10 tips for cycling in the dark

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10 tips for cycling in the dark

Cycling in the dark can be a challenge for some, but even if you have less of a problem with it, it's good to think about what to look for. To help you stay mobile and safe in the dark, we have put together 10 tips for cycling in the dark.

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Here are the 10 tips for cycling in the dark

1. Light on

Not only will you see better, but you will also be seen better yourself. In addition, in the Netherlands and also in Germany you are obliged to install lighting on your bicycle. These rules have been established by the government.

Extra tip - automatic lighting via the electrical system

The Van Raam electric system "Silent system" for Van Raam bicycles is equipped with a centrally controlled lighting. The lighting can be switched on and off by means of the on/off button. Read more about how the lighting works with the Van Raam electric system in our article 'Lighting with the Van Raam electric system'.

Automatic lighting

10 tips for cycling in the dark

2. Make sure that you are visible

As mentioned above, light is a form to be recognized. It is very important that you are seen by others and that you can see the road well.

An optional blinker on your bike can be a way to be better recognized and to indicate where you want to cycle to. 

A reflective vest with reflectors like the ones we know from cars is another good way to attract attention. Avoid dark clothing in any case. Do you want to wear darker clothes? Then add extra reflector stripes on here clothes. This tip also applies to extra reflectors on your bike, which will also help you increase your bike safety in the dark.

10 tips for cycling in the dark

3. Have you fully charged your battery

If you have pedal support on your bike, it is helpful to have your battery fully charged before you set off, so that you do not have to pedal on your own while riding in the dark. Would you like more information on how your battery works and how to charge it? Read our article "How does a Van Raam battery work and how to charge it".

Charge battery

10 tips for cycling in the dark Have your battery fully charged

Did you know: Reflecting bicycle tires

The reflective stripes on the tire light up extremely brightly under the influence of a light sources. The material reflects the light exactly in the direction where the light source comes from. Because of the two light circles of the size of a tire, you are very well perceived as a cyclist. In the Netherlands the reflective tires are even required by law. Therefore, reflective tires are standard on our special bikes.

4. Maintenance - keeping your bike in good condition

Every (electric) bicycle needs maintenance from time to time. Whether two-wheeled, three-wheeled, wheelchair, tandem, side-by-side or scooter bicycles. The dealer where you bought your Van Raam bicycle can do the maintenance for you, but there are also a number of things you can check for yourself. We would like to give you some tips on how to keep your Van Raam bicycle in top condition.

10 maintenance tips

5. Have your eyes and ears open

Keep an eye on your surroundings and make sure you can react immediately. Having full attention in traffic is very important, not only when cycling in the dark.
To be able to give your full attention to the road, keep your ears open to hear incoming traffic, so do not listen to loud music on your bike.

Also keep your eyes open and ride with foresight, don't be distracted and don't look at your cell phone. Not only is it dangerous to look at your cell phone, it can even get you fined in countries like Germany and the Netherlands.

10 tips for cycling in the dark eyes and ears open

6. Choose well lit paths

As soon as it gets dark, you should prefer the well lit road instead of the forest and fields.
Think about your route and choose safe routes where you can ride on bike paths as much as possible. This may not be the most idyllic and adventurous route, but this environment will give you more peace and quiet and a better view of the passing cars.

10 tips cycling in the dark you know your way

7. Do not cycle alone

Do not drive alone in the dark. Find someone or ask a friend to join you and ride your bike together in the dark. We know that this is not always possible, so let someone of your choice know where you want to cycle and where you want to go. Are you interested in learning more about cycling together? Read our article "Cycling together with an adapted bicycle".

Cycling together

Cycling together 10 tips for cycling in the dark

8. Take your cell phone with you

Take your phone with you, should something happen while riding your bike in the dark you can ask someone for help! With the Van Raam Smart E-Bike App you can send an SOS report to a person of your choice.

Smart e-bike app

Smart E-Bike App Van Raam

9. Adjust your speed where necessary

In busy, cluttered places, it is recommended to adjust the tempo. This way you give yourself more time to look around and others have more time to adjust to you. 

10. And of course have fun

If you have little experience with cycling in the dark, it may take some getting used to at first, so don't forget to enjoy the fact that you are sitting outside on your bike.

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