Tips for cycling with a Van raam wheelchair bike


Tips for cycling with a wheelchair bike

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Tips for cycling with a Van raam wheelchair bike

Van Raam has two different types of wheelchair bikes in its product range: the VeloPlus and the OPair wheelchair bikes. But what do you have to keep in mind when you’re about to buy a wheelchair bike or when you’re about to ride a wheelchair bike for the first time? Read in this article 7 tips for cycling with a wheelchair bike and find out what to keep in mind when you want to make a purchase.

How to ride a wheelchair bike

Here you will find out important tips to take into account when cycling on a wheelchair bike. Are you about to buy a wheelchair bike? Then read the other tips below! Keep the following tips in mind when cycling on a wheelchair bike:

1. Get to know the bike well

It is important that you get to know the bike, its options and accessories before you start cycling. Therefore, start by practicing and a relaxed cycling position. If you prefer, practice first without a passenger and leave the (optional) pedal assistance off. Once you know how the bike steers, you can turn on the pedal assistance and then practicing cycling with a passenger. Once you’ve mastered this, you can take a passenger on the road!

Tips for cycling with a wheelchair bike Opair and VeloPlus
2. Make sure you’re well prepared before you go on the road

Make sure that the bike is on parking brake before letting the passenger sit on the bike, so that the bike cannot move forwards or backwards. Also, make sure that the saddle and the handlebars are at the right height, that there is enough air in the tires and that the battery from the pedal assistance is charged (if applicable).

3. Be aware when you are steering

Be aware that a bike with three wheels, such as a wheelchair bike, steers differently than a two-wheel bike. This may take some time to get used to it in the beginning. In combination with speed, this can cause a startle reaction. To prevent this, we recommend that you first cycle slowly so you can experience what it is like to cycle on a wheelchair bike. Because of the three wheels, you have more stability and can’t fall over. It is not necessary to cycle directly at high speed.

4. Practice first on flat terrain in a calm environment

This allows you to get to know the bike in a calm situation.

Tips for cycling with a wheelchair bike Van Raam VeloPlus
5. Make sure the passenger sits comfortably and safely

This allows him/her to optimally enjoy the bike ride. It is therefore important that the passenger feels safe and sit comfortably. The OPair has an individually adjustable seat in front. The depth and angle of the backrest and the extendable side supports are adjustable so that everyone sits comfortably. With the additionally available side supports, the seat is also suitable for children and smaller adults.

The VeloPlus can be used with almost every manual wheelchair (up to 72 cm wide). So, take into account the width of the wheelchair that has to be placed on the VeloPlus. The platform can be tilted so that the passenger can be driven on the platform without much effort. As soon as the passenger is placed on the platform, the wheelchair can be properly secured so that nothing can happen to the wheelchair during the bike ride. The passenger can remain comfortably in his own wheelchair and enjoy the bike ride.

Tips for cycling with a wheelchair bike Van Raam OPair
6. Brake until the bike stops

Do you want to stop? Then brake and stay on the bike until the bike comes to a complete stop. Always keep your feet on the pedals.

7. Enjoy the bike ride together!

As soon as you’re ready, the bike ride can start and you can enjoy cycling together!

Do you want to get to know the bike in a safe environment? That is possible at the Van Raam showroom in Varsseveld. During a free test ride, it is possible to try out the bike on Van Raam’s test track. You will receive advice from a technical advisor and you can practice with obstacles as thresholds, a gravel path, hills and bends. Do you not have the possibility to visit our showroom? Contact the dealer in your area and ask about the possibilities.

Van Raam dealers

Van Raam OPair and VeloPlus tips for cycling with a wheelchair bike

Find out which wheelchair bike is most suitable

Van Raam has two wheelchair bikes in its product range: the VeloPlus and the OPair. It is important to know beforehand which wheelchair is suitable for your situation. The OPair is suitable for someone who can make the transfer between a wheelchair and a chair or who has difficulty walking. The passenger can sit in the seat in front of the OPair. The VeloPlus is suitable for someone who is wheelchair dependent and cannot make the transfer. The wheelchair can easily be driven on the tilting platform of the VeloPlus and safely secured here. Read all about the bicycles on the product pages of the VeloPlus and OPair or take a look at the videos below.

Product pages

See what options you need

On all Van Raam bicycles it is possible to choose from many different options and accessories so that the bike is completely adapted for you and you can get the most fun out of cycling (together). For example, it is possible to choose a detachable frame. The front part of the OPair can then be used as a wheelchair on location so you can easily have a drink somewhere on a terrace during the bike ride. Or choose the winch system for the VeloPlus. This makes it even easier to place the wheelchair on the platform. It is also possible to adjust the color of both bicycles to your wishes.

A frequently chosen option is the Van Raam pedal support. This unique pedal assistance has been specially developed by Van Raam for its adapted bicycles. In addition to the starting aid function, which gives you extra support as soon as you start cycling and press the button, it is also possible to cycle backwards, for example. This makes it easy to turn around while cycling, for example.
The price lists on the product pages of the VeloPlus and the OPair show all the options available for the bicycles. In the bike configurator, you can even put together your own bike.

Bike configurator

Tips for cycling with a wheelchair bike Van Raam OPair detachable frame
The OPair with detachable frame, where the front part can be used as a wheelchair.

Read news articles and watch videos

The VeloPlus and OPair have both been in the Van Raam range for a long time and are constantly being improved and renewed. For example, take a look at how the OPair has been developed over the years and how the VeloPlus has been renewed over the years. Many articles have been written about the bikes and many videos have been made. By reading the news articles and watching the videos, you will learn a lot about the bicycles.

Bonus tip!

Keep an eye on the Van Raam website and the social media channels.

The Van Raam website offers a lot of possibilities and information. For example, you can put together your own bike with the bike configurator, new articles appear weekly and you can read customer experiences so you know what they think of the Van Raam bikes. In addition, Van Raam also shares a lot on the various social media channels: Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Benefits of a wheelchair bike

A wheelchair bike has many benefits and is an easy means of transport. Important benefits of wheelchair bikes are:

  • Someone in a wheelchair can enjoy a bike ride
  • The passenger can be brought close the location
  • There is social contact between the driver and the passenger
  • You are not dependent on third parties for transport
  • It is an environmentally friendly means of transport
  • Possible to cover greater distances than with walking
  • Cycling stable and secure
  • Many different options possible

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Do you have any questions?

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