10 tips for cycling in the rain


10 tips for cycling in the rain

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10 tips for cycling in the rain

A rainy day is not a lost day, you can be biking even in the rain. To do this as best as possible, we give you handy tips that make cycling in the rain a success.

Here are the 10 tips for biking in the rain

Read here before you start cycling, some good tips for biking in the rain.

Tip 1: Adjust tire tension

In wet weather, it is helpful to have 1 to 1.5 bar less in your tires than usual. This gives you more grip, as the tire adapts better to the road surface.

Tip 2: Be noticeable

Your surroundings are mostly gray in gray when it rains, so your visibility is very important when biking in the rain, so have your lights on at all times of the day! Not only will you be able to see better, but you will also be more visible to other road users. It is especially practical if you have the Van Raam pedal assist. Because here you have lighting via the electric system of Van Raam.

10 tips for cycling in the rain be noticeable

Tip 3: Be careful when braking

Two factors increase your braking distance when cycling in the rain:

  • The wet road surface and

  • Your wet rims.

Brakes grip less well on wet rims. The best way to "dry" them is by repeatedly and carefully tightening the brakes.

Tip 4: Avoid puddles

Unfortunately, puddles cannot always be avoided when riding a bike in the rain. During heavy rains, water collects on the road or roadside in large puddles. These can potentially hide potholes, rocks and other road damage that can lead to dangerous situations. So safe is safe: avoid puddles and standing water!

10 tips for cycling in the rain

Tip 5: Be cautious when cycling

Careful and anticipatory behavior is especially important when cycling in the rain. Ride smoothly and adjust your speed and take curves carefully. The ideal technique is to brake before the turn, not in the turn.


Do not ride a cycling in the rain if it is not safe.

Tip 6: Avoid a slippery slope

If there are white stripes on the road, try to avoid them as they are very slippery in the rain. However, manhole covers are also often slippery in the rain. If you can't get around these slippery obstacles, make sure you cross manhole covers in a straight line, for example, and lane markings are approached at a straight angle.

Tip 7: Rain gear

Functional clothing in signal colors also helps you stand out in any weather, which further increases your safety also you can, for example, wear a high-visibility vest over your rain gear. Above all, choose comfortable and practical rain and cycling clothes such as:

  • Rain jacket

  • ​Rain pants

  • Bicycle socks

  • Bicycle gloves

You can buy them in local bicycle and sports stores or on the Internet.

10 tips for cycling in the rain rain gear

Tip 8: Plan your ride

Check the weather conditions and forecast before your ride. There are enough apps that can predict the weather and rain activity pretty accurately (time and location). This way you can be better prepared and wear the right clothes and enjoy a bike ride in the rain more.

Tip 9: Mudguards

Good mudguards on the front and rear wheels prevent splashing water from getting you and the person behind or beside you wet and dirty. They also protect the parts of your bike from wear and tear. All Van Raam bikes are equipped with mudguards as standard.

10 tips for cycling in the rain mudguards

Tip 10: Clean up afterwards

After biking in the rain, it's important to take care of your bike afterwards as well. By cleaning and drying your bike, you will extend the life of your bike. Rainwater often washes dirt onto the roads such as small, sharp stones and thorns from hedges, which stick to wet tires even more easily than dry ones. After every ride in the rain, check your tires for small splinters and other dirt by giving them a quick clean. For maintenance tips, see our article "10 tips for maintaining an adapted bike".

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