Fun2Go duo bike test winner by Norwegian government

In Norway, a specialised independent commission of the government has tested a number of different adapted bicycles in the course of a multi-year tender. The tender was based on a number of points that were weighted according to a number of criteria. In one of the categories, duo bikes, also known as side by side tandems, were tested. The Van Raam Fun2Go side by side tandem was part of this. Read more about the Fun2Go as a test winner in this article.

Fun2Go duo bike test winner

The test winner: Fun2Go duo bike

In addition to the price, the quality of the frame, the quality as well as the reliability of the bicycle, battery charger, and the possibilities to adapt the bicycle to the individual circumstances, the accessories used on the bicycle, the user-friendliness, the design of the bicycles and the overall impression were also evaluated.

In the category of duo bikes, in addition to the Van Raam Fun2Go, the Orthros by Huka, the Toogether E by Draisin and the DuoC by Pf mobility were tested.

Duo bike with the highest quality 

Van Raam's Fun2Go has received the best quality rating. The bike received 30% more points in quality than the duo bike Orthos from Huka and DuoC from Pf mobility. Although other suppliers offered lower prices, the Fun2Go is also the best duo-cycle in the overall ranking, considering the quality and price. This quality has been optimized over the years, as the Fun2Go has been in existence for many years. Read all about it in our article 'Van Raam duo bike Fun2Go over the years".

The individual adjustment possibilities of the Fun2Go duo bike for the saddle, handlebars and armrests make the bike unique for each individual user. The bike has a highly functional seat with a rotating function and foldable armrests that make it easy for cyclists to get on and off the bike. The Van Raam Fun2Go was also number one in the previous Tender.

"The Fun2Go meets the usage requirements very well and is the best of all products offered in this category."
Pedal support for the Fun2Go side by side tandem test winner

The best motor support

With the electric pedal support, the power, the individual adjustment possibilities, the easy user application, as well as the possibility to ride backwards, and the almost silent cycling with the Van Raam pedal supoort was striking. The electric motor from Van Raam was more than outstanding and powerful enough to be at the top. Where the motor systems of other suppliers did not make any progress, this was no problem for the electric parallel tandem Fun2Go by Van Raam, also due to the very good starting aid. 

More about pedal support
All in all the best duo bike

All in all the best duo bike

The Commission finds that the Van Raam Fun2Go side by side tandem meets as best all the requirements, especially because of the 3 position hub to be able to participate in bicycle traffic. The gear hub is easy to operate with the twist grip on the frame. The rider and passenger sit firmly and stable, because the seat is equipped with both armrests and a belt. Safety was also a key feature of this bike, a parking brake facilitates and ensures a stable standing of the bike during ascent and descent.

Take a look at the Fun2Go in 360-degree photos and learn more about the Fun2Go by clicking on the button below. 

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Advantages Van Raam side by side tandem Fun2Go

See the advantages of the Fun2Go at a glance.

  • No entry
  • Stepless seat adjustment
  • One person steers, both can pedal
  • Perfect view and attention to the passenger

  • Enormously manoeuvrable, can turn on its own axis
  • Better communication through side-by-side seating positions
  • Easy to steer
  • Stable and robust

Try the Fun2Go

Would you like to try out and test the Fun2Go parallel bike yourself like the expert, independent jury? Then come to our showroom in Varsseveld and ride the Fun2Go on our test track or visit our experience center in south Germany. Otherwise, you are also welcome to visit a dealer near you. 

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Van Raam products are test winners

Other Van Raam products are test winners

Van Raam products have also achieved the best results in other categories: The Easy Rider Junior children's bicycle, the Easy Sport recumbet bike, the OPair wheelchair bicycle and the Easy Rider tricycle were judged to be the best in their respective categories.

User experience of the Fun2Go 

Fun2Go side by side bike

"Hello, I like to use my Fun2Go every day. And with the child seats, trips with my family are great and really comfortable."

Pascal Mudet - St martin de ré

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"Collin Capozzi (22) from Belgium has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but this doesn't stop him from getting on the road with the Fun2Go double rider cycle."

Collin Capozzi - Puurs

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"There is still so much to see and do for people with a handicap or who are a bit less mobile and can not cycle independently. It's like a new world is opening."

Henk and Ina - the Netherlands

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"At the residential care facility De Hogestraat in Aalten live people with intellectual disabilities. At this facility, the caregivers use the Fun2Go almost daily."

Healthcare organisation Estinea - Aalten

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"Unfortunately, Jetske's mother is no longer able to cycle independently, which is why Jetske thought it would be a good idea to go on a side-by-side tandem ride with her mother and daughter. "

Mrs. Jetske - Overijssel

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"Ankie Terheggen and her husband are super happy with the Fun2Go double rider cycle."

Ankie Terheggen - Essen

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