A Van Raam wheelchair bike in your daily life

Many wheelchair users often have the feeling that the world is made for pedestrians, cyclists or car drivers. In everyday life you often have to overcome difficulties, such as moving or transferring between different places. For many people, a Van Raam wheelchair bicycle is a help in the everyday life to get from A to B. There are various individual options and different types of wheelchair bikes. In this article you can read more about a wheelchair bicycle in your daily life, the new possibilities and discover experiences of wheelchair bicycle users.

A Van Raam wheelchair bike in your daily life

With a wheelchair bicycle in your daily life

On a daily basis, people in a wheelchair often face challenges. Getting from A to B is often frustrating for many wheelchair users. Because the strength is sometimes lacking, and some barriers and distances cannot be covered with a wheelchair or you are bound to your wheelchair. A Van Raam wheelchair bicycle can help wheelchair users in their everyday life, even if you cannot get out of your wheelchair.

This help can be a great support in the private sector as well as in the care sector. If you want to go outdoors more often in your private life, go on excursions with your family or just want to experience more freedom, a wheelchair bicycle is a great help in everyday life because it gives you the possibility to be mobile. For example, the car can be simply left parked for short distances and also a ride in the nature is good for the soul on the one hand and on the other hand your body also benefits from this variety.  

  • Variety in everyday life and good for body and soul
  • Cheaper than the car
  • Family excursions are possible again
  • More mobility and freedom  
Wheelchair bicycles are also very popular with nursing homes, retirement homes and other care organizations for the reasons just mentioned. We receive regular notifications that wheelchair bikes have been delivered to organizations. Please have a look at the following articles.


Of course, you can also rent a bike, for a weekend, on holiday or just for fun. Furthermore, there are several initiatives and bicycle taxi organizations that offer this. Have a look at some bicycle rental and bicycle taxi projects below. 
Van Raam wheelchair bike in your daily life Jimlog

Wheelchair Bike Taxi Service in Finland


Taxi-Service in Finland
Van Raam Rollstuhlfahrrad im Alltag Fahrradtaxi

OPair wheelchair bicycle from Van Raam as a bicycle taxi

OPair as bike taxi

Wheelchair bikes from Van Raam

Van Raam OPair wheelchair bicycle in da daily life

OPair wheelchair bicycle

The OPair wheelchair bike is a combination of wheelchair and bicycle. At the front, the passenger is seated in a comfortable seat. The rider of the bicycle has a good view of the road and the passenger from behind. The front part of the bicycle can be easily detached from the bicycle part in the optionally detachable version so that it can be used as a wheelchair on site. The wheels with a slight camber give the bicycle additional riding comfort and stability. Also take a look at how the Van Raam OPair wheelchair bicycle has developed over the years or read more about the bike with wheelchair in front in the article 'Van Raam OPair: bike with wheelchair in front'.

OPair wheelchair bike
Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bicycle in da daily life

VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is suitable for people who are bound to a wheelchair. The person and the wheelchair can be moved onto the platform of the bicycle without a lifting aid or much effort. Take a look at how the Van Raam wheelchair bicycle has developed over the years.


VeloPlus wheelchair bike

Read more in the article 'Tips for cycling with a wheelchair bike'.

Experience of wheelchair users

The popularity of the OPair wheelchair bike and the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is reflected in the many reports and people with a wheelchair bike share their experiences with us. Below you can read the stories of users, children, residents, customers, caregivers and carers from various institutions and organisations who enjoy cycling again with Van Raam's special wheelchair bicycles.

VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"Since a year we have a VeloPlus wheelchair bike. It is a pleasant way to take the residents outside and to bring them back safely."

Ton van Baaren - Vlaardingen

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OPair wheelchair bike

"Grandparents of young Jack, who is non ambulatory, purchased an OPair for Jack's birthday. What a great gift!"

Family of Jack - America

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"Last Sunday we made our 'maiden voyage' with 20 degrees Celsius !!! We hope that we can enjoy this beautiful cargo bike from Van Raam throughout the summer."

Toon Lepoutre & Joyce Leeftink - Winterswijk

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OPair wheelchair bike

"We have an OPair wheelchair bicycle in combination with an special buggy seat (Stingray, R82). Thank you for this combination! This allows us to cycle again!"

Marielle Klomp - Nieuwleusen

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"I am a happy entrepreneur from company Jimlog in Porvoo, a taxi service company with a wheelchair bike at our disposal. I just wanted to thank you for the 'superbike' you developed. "

Jimmy Gustafson - Porvoo (Finland)

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OPair wheelchair bike

"Cycling eight hundred kilometers with a wheelchair bike without pedal support. That sounds like a challenge. A challenge that Richard Hernández accepted together with his disabled son Andrés."

Richard Hernández - Buenavista (Spain)

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