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OPair wheelchair bike Van Raam bike taxi

Liesbeth Snijder is using her OPair wheelchair bike from Van Raam as taxi in Epe, the Netherlands. She offers a cycling opportunity for people who are no longer able to cycle on their own anymore. Since April 2019, the OPair wheelchair bike has been used to take people from one place to another or for people who just want to take a bike ride.

The OPair wheelchair bike for cycling together

Liesbeth Snijderfrom Epe, the initiator, has been started using her OPair wheelchair bike as taxi, when her mother has deteriorated physically and conditionally. Her mother always enjoyed cycling and Liesbeth wanted to give her the opportunity to still go into the nature.
They liked cycling together on Ameland, an island in the Netherlands. When this was not possible anymore, Liesbeth searched for a way to still be able to cycle with her mother. This brought Liesbeth into contact with the OPair wheelchair bike from Van Raam. After they tried out the cargo bike on Ameland, Liesbeth also wanted to have an OPair wheelchair cargo bike at home so that she could keep cycling with her mother in Epe. When the bike was at her home, the OPair was given the name JES-J, after the initials of her mother and for whom she started this initiative.

OPair wheelchair bike Van Raam bike taxi
(Source: website JES-J)

It is important to me that every person has the opportunity to be in the nature as much as possible.

Liesbeth Snijder

The OPair wheelchair bike as taxi bike

Now that Liesbeth has the wheelchair cargo bike, she also uses it as a taxi bike to take other people to locations in and around Epe or for people who just want to have a bike ride. She likes being in nature herself and she wants to give that opportunity to others. For example, she offers bike rides from home to the dentist or to the hairdresser for a small compensation. In addition to these rides, it is also possible to have rides with this taxi bike to the forrest, to the moor or to villages in the area. Read more about Van Raam bikes as a taxi bike in the article 'Special needs bicycles as a bicycle taxi for the elderly'.

Van Raam OPair wheelchair bike as bike taxi
(Source: website JES-J)

The OPair wheelchair bike from Van Raam

The OPair wheelchair bike is suitable for children or adults who are not able to cycle on their own. A comfortable and adjustable seat has been created at the front of the cargo bike and the driver has a good view on the passenger. An additional option that can be chosen for this bike is that the front part, the passenger's seat, can be disconnected from the rest of the bike so that the seat can be used on site as a wheelchair. For example, in this way it is possible to easily take the passenger to the terrace. Learn more about the wheelchair bicycle in the article 'A Van Raam wheelchair bike in your daily life'. Read more about the bike with wheelchair in front in the article 'Van Raam OPair: bike with wheelchair in front'.
In addition to the OPair, Van Raam has more wheelchair bikes and transport bikes in the product range, such as the VeloPlus and the Chat.

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