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Wheelchair bike for residential care facility

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wheelchair transport bike van raam residential care facility

De Schauw in Putten (the Netherlands), a residential care facility for the elderly, received a Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bicycle sponsored by the local thrift store. This thrift store has existed for 35 years and has therefore held a special fundraising campaign. The festive handover of the wheelchair bike was in September 2018.

Handing over the wheelchair bike

The handing over of the VeloPlus wheelchair bike was during the Summer Market at the Schauw on 8 September. Mrs Mulder and bicycle volunteer Ton Enserink made use of the bicycle for the first time, this was after the symbolic cutting of a ribbon. Mrs Mulder had the wish to cycle again. On the Van Raam wheelchair transport bicycle VeloPlus with electric pedal support she can be transported in her own wheelchair.

wheelchair bike veloplus for residential care facility in putten.
Mrs. Mulder is ready to cut the ribbon and to use the wheelchair bicycle. (Photo: Zorggroep Noordwest-Veluwe)
wheelchair transport bike van raam residential care facility
Mrs Mulder and bicycle volunteer Ton Enserink are ready to cycle the first round on the VeloPlus. (Photo: Selena Aitink / Puttens Weekblad)

Thrift store sponsors wheelchair transport bike

Cornelis Klomp of the thrift store Kringloopwinkel Overnodig completely sponsored the wheelchair bicycle for the care facilities of Zorggroep Noordwest-Veluwe, because of the 35th anniversary of the thrift shop. The thrift store held a special campaign in the store to finance the wheelchair bike. Learn more about the wheelchair bicycle in the article 'A Van Raam wheelchair bike in your daily life'.

Cornelis Klomp told the Puttens Weekblad: "It is nice that the circle is complete. Inhabitants of Putten deliver goods to the thrift store and that will finance a wheelchair bike for local residents."

Double rider cycle project in Putten (the Netherlands)

Zorggroep Noordwest-Veluwe (care group) started a double rider cycle project about 7 years ago. This initiative is meant to allow people who cannot cycle well, to cycle. The first double rider cycle stood at residential care home Elim in Putten. However, this bike was used so much that later a second double rider cycle was purchased. This bike was for residential care center de Schauw. There are now more than 30 volunteers who cycle daily with the participants of the care centers.

The bicycles are not only used by the care centers, other elderly people and people with disabilities from Putten may use the bicycle for a voluntary contribution.

The thrift store in Putten has already helped the Care Group. At the end of 2017, Kringloopwinkel Overnodig donated its turnover of 1 week, so that a new double rider cycle could be purchased.

Curious about the Van Raam Fun2Go double rider cycle? On our double rider cycle page you will find all the information about this fun bike, where you sit and cycle with two people.

Fun2Go duo bike

Duofiets voor project van zorginstelling Putten
1 of the double rider cycles of the double rider cycle project in Putten (Photo: Puttens Weekblad)

Buying a wheelchair bike?

The electric wheelchair bike that the residents of the Schauw can now cycle with is the Van Raam VeloPlus bicycle. On this wheelchair bike is a plateau and the co-rider can be wheeled on to the plateau of the cycle easily without having to be lifted. The tilted ramp makes it easy to roll the wheelchair on to the wheel-chair bike and fasten it properly with the wheelchair lock.

The widely placed and extra steered front-wheels ensure a reduced turning radius and hence, stability. With an electric motor you have a comfortable pedal support that makes cycling on this modern designed wheelchair bike even easier.

VeloPlus wheelchair bike

Rolstoeltransportfiets van Van Raam Varsseveld

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