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Van Raam OPair bike with wheelchair in front

A wheelchair bike is a combination of a wheelchair and a bicycle, intended for two persons in which the wheelchair user sits at the front of the bicycle and the persons sitting behind it cycles and steers. With a wheelchair bike, you can cycle together with someone who is wheelchair dependent or has difficulty walking and cannot cycle on his or her own. In this article, you will learn more about the OPair bicycle with a wheelchair in front.

Bicycle and wheelchair in one

The OPair wheelchair bike is a bike with a wheelchair on front. The front part of the wheelchair bicycle consists of a seat for the passenger and the driver can sit on the rear of the bicycle. In this way, the rider can cycle with the passenger in the seat. The seat for the passenger can be adjusted in many ways so that he or she sits comfortably and pleasantly. For example, the depth of the seat can be adjusted, as well as the angle of the backrest and the extendable side supports. Additional side supports are available so that the OPair’s seat is also suitable for children and smaller adults. In this way, the wheelchair bike is suitable for almost everyone who is in a wheelchair or can no longer cycle independently.

Important with the OPair wheelchair bike is that the passenger can make the transfer from the wheelchair to the seat on the bike. If this is not possible, then the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bicycle is a good alternative. This is a wheelchair bicycle / wheelchair transporter where the passenger can remain seated in their own wheelchair. You can read more about this bicycle later in this article.

Also take a look at how the Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair has been developed over the years or read everything about the OPair bike with wheelchair in front on the product page by clicking on the button.

OPair wheelchair bike

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  • OPair Van Raam bike with wheelchair in front
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  • Bike with wheelchair in front OPair Van Raam

Would you rather watch moving images than just pictures? Then take a look at the OPair product video below:

With the OPair it is possible to cycle together again with children or adults who can no longer cycle independently.

Options and accessories wheelchair bike OPair

Optionally, the wheelchair bike can be equipped with the electric pedal support from Van Raam, making cycling easier and with which you can even cycle backwards. If this option is chosen, you also have automatic access to the free Van Raam E-Bike App, which you can use as a luxury bike computer while cycling

The bike with wheelchair on front is also available with a detachable frame. The front part, the part with the seat, can be disconnected from the rest of the bicycle frame so that that part can be used on location as a wheelchair. Read more about a detachable frame at Van Raam bicycles in the article ‘A detachable frame at Van Raam bikes’.
In addition, various additional accessories can be added, such as an adjustable headrest, seatbelts, speedometer for the bike, mirror and anti-leak tires. Moreover, the OPair is available in a color of your choice.

Van Raam OPair bike with wheelchair in front detachable frame
The OPair bicycle with the front part detached.

Advantages of a wheelchair bike

A wheelchair bike from Van Raam provides many advantages for someone who has difficulty walking or who is wheelchair dependent. Take a look at the benefits at one glance below:

  • Suitable for someone who can no longer cycle independently
  • Suitable for someone who cannot walk long distances (anymore)
  • Environmentally friendly means of transport
  • Feeling of freedom is greatly enhanced
  • Adjustable passenger seat
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Good view for both passenger and driver
  • You can discover a bigger area than with a walk

Thanks to the wheelchair bike, we have managed to open a lot of new possibilities for Andrés, who could never have been achieved without the wheelchair bike.

Richard Hernández

Van Raam bikes are test winners

The OPair bike with wheelchair in front has been chosen as a test winner by an independent commission of the Norwegian government! Read more in the article by clicking on the button and find out which Van Raam bikes are also test winners!

OPair test winner

Experiences about the OPair

Are you curious about what the users of the OPair say about this bicycle with a wheelchair in front? Then take a look at the user experiences.

User experience wheelchair bike OPair - Richard Hernández
10 / 10
User experience wheelchair bike OPair - Richard Hernández
Cycling eight hundred kilometers with a wheelchair bike without pedal support. That sounds like a challenge. A challenge that Richard Hernández accepted together with his disabled son Andrés. Together they cycled the pilgrimage route "Camino de Santiago". For centuries this route has been used by believers to pray at Santiago de Compostela, in the North-West of Spain, at the grave of Apostle James. Usually this route is taken by foot, but Richard and his son Andrés decided to make the trip from Roncesvalles with the OPair wheelchair bike and they called the route symbolic: "El Camino de Andrés". Read their story below.
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User experience OPair Wheelchair Trike – Adam Pyle
9 / 10
User experience OPair Wheelchair Trike – Adam Pyle
Adam Pyle is 25 years old and has profound Physical and Learning Disabilities. Together with his mum Kate and his dad Graham, he lives in England. In January 2020 they received the OPair Wheelchair Trike. Kate tells us more about Adam and why they bought the OPair Trike.
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User experience wheelchair bike OPair - Jack
10 / 10
User experience wheelchair bike OPair - Family of Jack
We received this cheerful photos in which little Jack enjoys his bike ride with the wheelchair bike OPair from Van Raam.
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Video wheelchair bike OPair on cycling event

We received a request from a physiotherapist from Goor (the Netherlands) to provide an OPair wheelchair bike to Maarten ter Höfte, a 12-year-old Spina Bifida patient, so he can be transported on the final kilometer to the finish of the ‘Elastiekenkoers’ in Hof van Twente. The ‘Elastiekenkoers’ is a cycling event that is dedicated to children with ‘an open back’ this year. 140 riders have cycled 170 kilometers on the 25th of June 2015 and raised money for charity.
In the video below, you can see Maarten in the seat of the OPair wheelchair bike in front of the peloton, which he visibly enjoys (from 1.28 minutes). Maarten and the cyclists are welcomed as real heroes. (Videos: Stephan Kuipers)

Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

In addition to the OPair, Van Raam has another wheelchair bike in its product range: the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike. This bike has a tilting platform at the front on which a wheelchair can be placed and can be secured properly and safely. This allows someone who is dependent on a wheelchair to still enjoy a nice bike ride.

Because the platform can be tilted, the wheelchair can be placed on the platform without much effort.
Do you still doubt which type of wheelchair bike is best for you? Then read the article ‘Which type of wheelchair bike is most suitable for you’.
Do you want to read more about the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike? Then view the product page.

VeloPlus wheelchair bike

Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike with wheelchair in front

Trying the OPair yourself

Did this article make you curious as to whether the OPair bike with wheelchair in front is also suitable for you? Then come to Van Raam’s showroom in Varsseveld (the Netherlands) for a free test ride! During a test ride, one of our technical advisors will be happy to give you advice and you can try out the bike on our own bicycle test track! Is the showroom too far away or do you not have the opportunity to come to our showroom? Then take a look at which Van Raam dealer is near you and ask the dealer about the possibilities.

Van Raam dealers

Van Raam showroom for free test ride with technical advisor

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