Platform pedals

The platform pedals give your feet extra support and grip while cycling, resulting in better power transfer and more comfort. The non-slip material, the longer pedals and the raised edge on the inside keep your feet better in place. This reduces the chance of your foot slipping off the pedals. The platform pedals are suitable for adults and offer extra support for people with adaptive shoes. The pedals also have reflectors.

Platform pedal Van Raam bicycle Ergotec
Van Raam platform pedal extra grip
Platform pedals for adaptive shoes Van Raam

Order your platform pedals at a Van Raam dealer

The platform pedals can be ordered as a set from Van Raam dealers. A set consists of two pedals, the left pedal and the right pedal. Find your nearest dealer on the dealer page.

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For which Van Raam bicycles are platform pedals suitable?

The platform pedals fit all Van Raam bicycles, except the Husky tricycle, Mini tricycle and City walking aid. The pedals can be adjusted individually for the left and right foot. The option can also be ordered and fitted afterwards.

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