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Customer experience Balance low step bike – Schalkwijk

customer experience balance low step bike schalkwijk
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Ms Schalkwijk-Bots likes to cycle in Switzerland. But knee problems prevented her from doing so until she purchased the Van Raam Balance low step bike. Read her experience here.

Balance low step through bike
Pedal assist, Crank shortener
1 April 2021 purchased
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Cycling with Balance in Switzerland

“I am 77 years old and live with my husband in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands). I have been suffering from serious knee problems for years. I like to cycle in Switzerland, but this was no longer possible with a normal bicycle because of these knee problems. Together with my husband, I visited your showroom for a test ride and subsequently ordered the bicycle via Van Ekeris in IJsstelstein.

I have the Balance electric low step bike since April 2021 and I am happy with it. There are several extra options for this Van Raam bicycle available. The options I have are pedal assistance and a crank shortener.

What is nice about the bike is that you can drive away with the starting aid of the pedal assistance and that you can always remain seated while you can still reach the ground with your feet. In the Netherlands, cycling goes well and in Switzerland, it also goes well up to a slope with a gradient of about 6%.  In Switzerland, this bike gets a lot of attention, which I really like.”

HJM Schalkwijk–Bots - Nieuwegein (the Netherlands)
Bicycle: Balance low step bike

customer experience balance low step bike schalkwijk
Pros & Cons
  • Starting aid on the pedal assist
  • Always able to remain seated while still being able to reach the ground with your feet
  • Attracting a lot of attention in Switzerland
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