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Van Raam makes unique special needs bikes for people with disabilities. These are individual and multi-person bicycles for people who can no longer cycle on a regular bicycle. This also includes bikes with 2 seats. Read more about the bike with 2 seats Fun2Go and other 2 seater pedal bikes here.

Bike with 2 seats Fun2Go

The bike with 2 seats Fun2Go is a bike for two people where both seats are placed next to each other. One person steers, both can pedal. The driver has full control over the bike, making this bike very suitable for cycling with people who can not (or no longer) independently participate in traffic. A passenger can already take part if he/she can sit down and cycling along is not compulsory.

From both seats, you have a good view on the road and of each other. You can also communicate well with each other, because the seats are next to each other.

The manoeuvrability of the bike with 2 seats Fun2Go bike is very high, this bike can turn around its own axis. It is easy to get on and off, because the bike has no entry. With a lever, the seat can be adjusted to the right seating distance.

Bike with 2 seats Van Raam the Fun2Go

Video: 2 seater pedal bike Fun2Go

In the video you can see the Fun2Go and the highlights of this bike with 2 seats.

Benefits 2 seater bike for adults Fun2Go

Besides the previously mentioned features, the Fun2Go also has the following benefits:

  • Many drive systems possible for both the driver and the passenger
  • Stable and firm
  • Perfect sight and attention on the passenger

On the product page of the Fun2Go you can read and watch more of this 2 seater bike for adults.

View Fun2Go

2 seater bike for adults Fun2Go by Van Raam

Electric bike with 2 seats

A bike with 2 seats by Van Raam, like the Fun2Go, is also available as an electric 2 seater pedal bike. With Van Raam's unique 'Silent System' pedal support system, you get support while cycling. The Silent System was developed by and for Van Raam, especially for special needs bikes. This system is characterized by its very simple operation.

There are 3 individually programmable pedal support modes, as well as a starting aid. You can also cycle backwards with the pedal support, which is very convenient when 'parking' backwards. In addition, there are the following advantages of a Van Raam electric 2 seater pedal bike:

  • Smart E-Bike

  • Virtually noiseless motor

  • Very powerful electric motors

  • High quality and safe batteries

  • Free use of the E-Bike App

Read and view more information on the pedal support page.

More about pedal support

Bike with 2 seats by Van Raam option pedal support

2 seater pedal bike with different options

Besides pedal support, other options and accessories are available on a 2 seater bike for adults. With options such as a mirror, footrests, arm restsor a rotatable chair you can tailor the bicycle entirely to your own wishes. See the 10 most sold options for the bike with 2 seats Fun2Go in the article 'Top 10 most sold options Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem'.

The price list of the Van Raam bicycles shows the costs of the options which are available for the particular bicycle. You can find the price list on the product pages.

2 seater pedal bike Van Raam Options Fun2Go

Configure your own bike with 2 seats online

Van Raam's online configurator makes it possible to put together a bike of your own choice. Configuring your bicycle is done in a few easy steps. All options you choose are immediately visible in the overview on the page, and you can see the price of the bicycle with the chosen options.

Configure your bike with 2 seats

Tandem bike with 2 seats

A tandem is also a 2 seater bike. Van Raam has various tandems in its range for adults and children. These tandems have both two and three wheels. You can view the tandems below:

  • Bike with 2 seats by Van Raam tandem Twinny

    Twinny tandem with 2 wheels

    The Twinny is a tandem for adults. Getting on and off the Twinny bike with 2 seats is easy because of the low step through.

    View the Twinny
  • Bike with 2 seats by Van Raam tandem Twinny Plus

    Twinny Plus three-wheel tandem

    The Twinny Plus three-wheel tandem is the same as the Twinny two wheel tandem, but with two rear wheels. This 3 wheels gives the Twinny Plus bike with 2 seats more stability.

    View the Twinny Plus
  • Bike with 2 seats by Van Raam tandem Kivo

    Kivo tandem with two wheels

    The Kivo is a child-parent tandem with a grown-up sitting behind and a child sitting in front. The child can get a good view of the environment. The rider of this bike with 2 seats can always keep a good watch on the child.

    View the Kivo
  • Bike with 2 seats by Van Raam tandem Kivo Plus

    Kivo Plus three-wheel tandem

    The Kivo Plus is a child-parent three-wheel tandem for an adult who sits at the back and a child who sits at the front. The child has a good view of the surroundings. The rider of this 2 seater pedal bike always has a good view of the child.

    View the Kivo Plus

A transport bike as a 2 seater bike for adults

Besides the Fun2Go and the tandems, Van Raam has a number of bikes with 2 seats in its assortment. These are bikes where the main driver takes one or two passengers with him who cannot cycle along themselves. Van Raam has the following transport bikes:

Bike with 2 seats Chat rickshaw bike and wheelchair bikes VeloPlus and OPair


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