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2 person tricycle from Van Raam

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Tricycle for 2 persons from Van Raam

Are you looking for a 2-person tricycle?Then you've come to the right place. Van Raam has various types of tricycles for two people in its range. Read more about them here.

Why a two person tricycle?

A two person tricycle offers many advantages for you and your passenger.Besides the fact that cycling together is fun and improves social contact, Van Raam's 2 person tricycles also have the following advantages:

  • Be mobile again and have the freedom back
  • The bike is fully adapted to you
  • Unique pedal support is possible
  • Unique riding characteristics
  • Many different bike models (there is something for everyone)
  • Environmentally friendly powder coating
  • Stop without getting off
  • No need to balance yourself
  • Provides stability and safety while cycling
  • The parking brake keeps the bike in position and allows you to get on and off safely

Van Raam has six different types of tricycles for two people from different categories. Discover more about them below.

Tricycle for 2 persons from Van Raam
Left: Fun2Go, right: Twinny Plus

2 person tricycle tandem

A tricycle tandem is a tandem for 2 person with 3 wheels. Van Raam has three tricycle tandems for two people.

  • Fun2Go tricycle two-seater tandem

  • Twinny Plus 2 person 3 wheel bike tandem

  • Kivo Plus tricycle tandem for two

2 person tricycle Fun2Go tandem
2 person tricycle Twinny Plus tandem
2 person tricycle Kivo Plus tandem

Double bike and tandem what are the differences?

Find out in our article „What is the difference between a double bike and a tandem?” what the biggest differences are between these two types of bikes and which type of bike suits you better. Think here, for example, about the different seating areas and seats.

Are you curious what customers think about our tricycle tandems for 2 people? Take a look at our customer experiences.

More bicycles for 2 people and with 3 wheels

Besides tricycle tandems for two, Van Raam also has other bicycles with three wheels for 2 persons. These come from the categories wheelchair bikes and rickshaw bikes. Find out more about them below.

two persons tricycle wheelchair bike and Rickshaw bike Chat VeloPlus OPair Van Raam
Left: Wheelchair bikes, right: Chat rickshaw bike

Wheelchair bike for 2 persons

Van Raam has two wheelchair bicycles with three wheels for 2 persons. Therefore it can be described as a tricycle. These tricycles for two are the OPair wheelchair bike and the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike. The wheelchair bicycles are suitable for getting around even if one person can no longer pedal independently. The OPair has an adjustable seat for the passenger and the VeloPlus allows someone to be transported in their own wheelchair.

View wheelchair bike

VeloPlus and OPair wheelchair bike two persons bike Van Raam
Left: VeloPlus, right: OPair

Chat Rickshaw Tricycle

The Chat Rickshaw tricycle for 2 persons is designed to be ridden together with one or two persons who are no longer able to participate in traffic independently. An accompanying person rides with one or two people on this cargo bike. The passengers sit next to each other at the front in a specially designed cockpit. The rider sits behind this cockpit and thus has an overview of the road and the cargo bike, but also of the passengers. 

View Rickshaw Tricycle Chat

Chat Rickshaw bike two person tricycle Van Raam

Electric tricycle for 2 persons

All these tricycles for 2 persons can be equipped with Van Raam's unique pedal assistance, the Silent System. This gives you an electric (e-bike) tricycle for 2 people. An e-bike tricycle from Van Raam offers you the complete advantages:

  • Winner ExtraEnergy test

  • Safe batteries and motors

  • Motor: powerful, quiet and individually adjustable

  • Smart e-bike + free Van Raam e-bike app

  • You can also reverse with the tricycles

  • Centrally controlled lighting

  • Individual programming by recipe / bike programme setting

  • The charger is equipped with a self-seeking magnetic connector, which makes it easy to connect it to the battery with one hand.  

Electric tricycle for 2 persons

Tricycle for 2 people custom made

For all Van Raam bike, many customisations are possible and a lot of accessories are available to make the tricycle for 2 persons suitable for each of them. Visit our configurator to customise your tricycle.


Try out a tricycle tandem for 2 people for yourself

Are you curious about how the tricycle tandems for 2 people ride? You can try out these bikes for free during a test ride at Van Raam. During an appointment at the Van Raam showroom in Varsseveld or Treuchtlingen, you will be advised by a technical advisor and you will have the opportunity to try out various models on the bicycle test track.

Afterwards, you will receive a free quote to take home, which you can use to order the bike or tandem from a Van Raam dealer. A test ride is also possible at some dealers, please contact your local dealer.

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