Bicycles by Van Raam for alternative mobility


Bicycles by Van Raam for alternative mobility

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Bicycles by Van Raam for alternative mobility

Alternative mobility is a term that is frequently mentioned in the context of sustainability. More and more people are seeking an alternative to using a car. Additionally, alternative mobility is also discussed in the context of improving individuals' physical mobility. At Van Raam, these two aspects converge. Read more about this in this article.

Alternative mobility for a more sustainable world

Alternative mobility refers to forms of transportation and movement that deviate from traditional, often car-related, modes of mobility. It encompasses a wide range of options aimed at reducing dependence on cars and promoting more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Some examples of alternative mobility include:

  • Cycling

  • Public transportation

  • Carpooling

  • Electric vehicles (cars, bicycles, scooters, etc.)

Van Raam Fun2Go side by side tandem and VeloPlus wheelchair bike

Bike as an alternative mobility device

Cycling is one of the most important forms of alternative mobility. It provides a healthy, environmentally friendly, and often quick way to get from A to B, especially in urban areas with good cycling infrastructure. Reducing cars in traffic has a positive impact on the environment.

Adapted bicycles for improving physical mobility

Alternative mobility is not only focused on sustainability and reducing cars on the road, but also on promoting physical mobility and social inclusion. Adapted bicycles play a crucial role in this by giving people with mobility impairments the freedom to move. It enables them to feel the wind in their hair again and participate in social activities.

Van Raam Easy Go 3 wheel mobility scooter bike

Sustainable production

Van Raam manufactures customized bicycles for people who are no longer able to ride a standard two-wheeler. We produce all bicycles on demand, which means we do not have large inventories. Additionally, we strive to operate as circularly and sustainably as possible in our modern bicycle factory. You can read about how we achieve this in the article 'Circular and sustainability policy of Van Raam'.

Circular and sustainability policy

Van Raam assortment

View here the assortment of Van Raam contributing to alternative mobility.

Our bikes

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Why is there no stand on a 3 wheeled bike Van Raam Twinny two wheel tandem
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Are you looking for an alternative mobility solution?

Feel free to visit Van Raam's showroom for a consultation with our technical advisors. You can try out various adapted bicycles on the test track. Prefer to test ride bikes at a Van Raam dealer? Contact a dealer near you and inquire about the options.

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Bicycles by Van Raam for alternative mobility
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