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Circular and sustainability policy of Van Raam

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sustainable development goals van raam

At Van Raam, we believe it is very important to work as circularly and sustainably as possible. In this article you can read more about Van Raam's circular and sustainable policy and how we want to achieve this.

Circular and sustainable policy

Van Raam is committed to working as sustainable as possible. This can also be expressed very precisely. The new factory is virtually energy-neutral by the use of solar panels, 25 sealed ground sources, heat pumps, LED lighting, the most modern insulation and triple Aglass.

In the factory there is a very consistent waste separation in the field of: paper, iron, plastic, tires, powder, batteries, chemicals, oil/water, cleaning cloths and toners.

In the factory, the sustainable designed Van Raam bicycles are powder coated in a very energy efficient way.

Van Raam bicycle factory Varsseveld with solar panels
The Van Raam factory with the solar panels on the roof.


For Van Raam sustainability is to contribute in the long term on keeping people healthy and in motion. Where manufacturers of standard bicycles stop, Van Raam starts. That is what motivates us. We do this in a sustainable way. We contribute to various sustainable development goals (SDG's) and add multiple value. For Van Raam the SDG's below are the most important:

sustainable development goals van raam
Source: Sustainable Developments Goals knowlegde platform

By focusing on real quality and having the best product, in cooperation with the customer, Van Raam is moving towards a healthy future. A healthy future for the user, for our employees, for the immediate environment in which we produce and for a better world. We choose long-term partnerships based on our standards, values and only the best is good enough on the road to circularity.

Our mission is therefore not coincidental:Van Raam offers people with a disability sustainable and contemporary mobility.

Van Raam offers people with a disability sustainable and contemporary mobility.

Core values of Van Raam

The most important core values of Van Raam are:

  • Working together towards valuable creation
  • Sharing knowledge and continuing to develop
  • Respectful interaction with people/ resources/ materials
  • Being a reliable partner for all stakeholders
  • Positive attitude of wanting to contribute

Based on these core values, the following basic principles in sustainability apply:

  • Van Raam is motivating people to follow a healthy lifestyle
  • Van Raam is committed to a sustainable organization that is fit for the future appealing and will still exist in 500 years
  • Van Raam continuously focuses on innovation based on sustainability principles
  • Van Raam's products ensure that everyone can participate in society
  • The best materials are chosen. From a circular point of view we base our design on products that are easy to disassemble/ can be repaired and move with the developments in time
  • Van Raam ensures that no toxic substances are released and focuses on improving the soil/ water/ air and biodiversity where this is within our sphere of influence
  • Van Raam is committed to sustainable relationships with stakeholders with whom we cooperate and innovate

There are no such things as limitations for Van Raam; we think along with the next step in a healthy market environment. Innovation is self-evident and based on our principles we make the difference and are a sustainable company.

Van Raam circular and sustainable policy of Van Raam
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