Want to buy a Van Raam bicycle these are the prices form


Want to buy a Van Raam bicycle? These are the prices

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Want to buy a Van Raam bicycle these are the prices form

Van Raam's adapted bicycle all have different prices. But how did we come up with those prices? We would like to tell you more about that in this article!

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In the factory...

To tell you more about the price of a Van Raam bicycle, we should start at the place where they are made: our factory! Every workday the Van Raam assembly workers and production workers are working hard to put together your bicycle. This is done with the utmost care and attention to ensure a safe and pleasant ride.

Want to buy a Van Raam bicycle these are the prices factory

Free advice

Are you looking for a two-wheel bike with a low entry? Or a tricycle for extra stability? We're happy to give you advice! Once you've made an appointment for a free test ride at our showroom, one of our advisors will take a look at you and your situation. This will form an advise about what bicycle would suit you best. Next to that, they'll also give info about what options should further optimize your Van Raam cycling experience!

Important:Our headquarters are situated in Varsseveld in The Netherlands. So a test ride at our headquarters is only possible there. But, a test ride is also possible at a Van Raam dealer! Take a look at dealers near you with the button below!

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Options on your Van Raam bicycle

Every Van Raam bicycle has it's own base price, you'll pay this for the standard version of your preffered bike. Once you start adding options to your bicycle, the price will go up. Whether you'd like pedal support, a mirror, an adapter for a bicycle trailer or a basket. When it comes to options, there's a lot of possibilities on a bicycle from Van Raam. All available options on a Van Raam bicycle can be found on the options page.

These recommended options are just an advice, given to you by one of our advisers after he or she looked at your situation. As Van Raam, we believe that taking these suggested options can greatly enhance the pleasure of owning a Van Raam bicycle!

Want to buy a Van Raam bicycle these are the prices options

A clear overview

On our pricelist you can check out the price of every bicycle and every option for that bike. Via the button below you get to this overview. For example, if you'd like pedal support on your adapted tricycle, you can check out how much this would cost from looking on our price list.

See our pricelists

The price of your Van Raam bicycle

If you already know which Van Raam bicycle and what options you want, you can already put together your configuration with our online configurator! You'll immediatly see how much your desired tricycle, tandem, side-by-side bike or mobility scooter bike would cost! Then, you can print out this configuration and take it to a local dealer so they can order your dream bike for you! Before you'll know it, you'll be going out and about on your own ideal Van Raam bicycle!

Want to know more about the configurator? We explain more about it in the article 'Put together your Van Raam bike with the bike configurator'
To put together your own bike, you can go to the configurator with button below!

To the configurator

Want to buy a Van Raam bicycle these are the prices configurator

Questions? Get in touch with Van Raam!

Want to know more about buying an adapted bicycle? Or do you have other questions? We're happy to help!

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