A Van Raam bike that won't let you fall over


A bike that won't let you fall over

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A Van Raam bike that won't let you fall over

Fear of falling over can be a reason why some people are afraid to ride a bike. Van Raam has several bicycles in its assortment that prevent you from falling over. Read more about these bikes here.

Bikes that can't fall over

Van Raam has several tricycles in its assortment where falling over is nearly impossible due to the stability of the three wheels. We also have a two-wheel bike with low step through, which makes it easy to stand with both feet on the ground while sitting on the saddle. This feature significantly reduces the chance of falling over.

van raam bikes that cant fall over

Stable tricycles

Tricycles have a very stable position on the road thanks to the three wheels. The chance of falling with a tricycle is therefore very small. The three wheels also make it easy to get on and off when the bike is stationary. Van Raam has several tricycles for both adults and children.

van raam tricycles that cannot fall over

Tricycles for adults

Tricycles for children

Low step-through bike reduces chance of falling over

The Van Raam Balance has an extra low step-trough. Due to the unique frame, you have a lower seating position to make sure you always can reach the ground with both feet. This reduces the chance of falling over because you can quickly put your feet flat on the ground in unexpected situations. The Balance also has a lower center of gravity than regular two-wheelers, providing extra stability.

View the Balance

Low step-through bike reduces chance of falling over

Cycling together without falling over

In addition to the single person bicycles, Van Raam has several bikes on which two or more people can cycle. These are:

  • Tandems

  • Duo bikes

  • Wheelchair bikes

  • Rickshaw bikes

Thanks to the three wheels, they are extra stable. These bikes make it possible to cycle together with someone who can no longer do so independently.

Cycling together without falling over

Try a bike that won't let you fall over

Would you like to try one of Van Raam's bicycles? This is possible during a free appointment in our showroom in Varsseveld. A technical advisor will check with you which bike is best suited for your situation. You can then try out different bikes on our test track.

Is Van Raam not in your area, or are you not able to visit Van Raam? Then contact a dealer in your area and ask about the possibilities.

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Low step through bike Balance by Van Raam

Low step through bike

For people who are having difficulty getting on and off a bike or people with slight balancing problems, the Balance, a comfortable low step through bike, is the ideal solution. It is a very safe low entry bike with many advantages. If you have more trouble with your balance, the low entry bike with three wheels, the Maxi Comfort, can be a good solution. Furthermore these bicycles can be painted in almost any desired RAL-color. Read more about these low step through bikes here.

Cycling with Balance a unique Van Raam bike with two wheels

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A Van Raam bike or trike with a low entry

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