Two wheel tandem, three wheel tandem or a side-by-side tandem. Which one is most suitable for you?

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Next to special needs bicycles for one person, Van Raam manufactures bicycles for multiple people, like wheelchair bikes and tandems. In this article you will learn more about Van Raam’s tandems: the two wheel tandem Twinny, three wheel tandem Twinny Plus, parent-child tandems Kivo and Kivo Plus and the side-by-side tandem Fun2Go + the Funtrain double rider cycle trailer.

The tandem

If you don’t want to bike alone or are no longer able to bike independently, a tandem could be a good alternative. These special bikes for two people come in various models, types and sizes. We manufacture bicycles as well as tricycles on which you can sit either behind or next to each other. Compare the Van Raam tricycle tandems in the article 'Three tricycle tandems by Van Raam in comparison'.

Bicycling on a tandem will be a fun activity because you are on the bicycle together and it requires teamwork. Both of you decide on the route, speed and breaktimes.

The tandem is suitable for people who are unable to participate in traffic independently. This might be because of a physical disability or a visual handicap.

Which tandem is most suitable for you Van Raam

Two wheel tandem Twinny

The Twinny is a two wheel tandem for two adults without balance issues. The passenger and the driver sit behind each other.

Features Twinny two wheel tandem:

  • Smoothly-running tandem with 8 gears. This allows you to bike comfortably with two people.

  • Wide and low step through aids in getting on and off the bicycle.

  • Extra large space between the front seat and the rear handlebars, for an adequate distance between driver and passenger.

  • Front operation (standard). Rear operation is optional.

  • Through a switchable freewheel the driver determines whether or not the passenger has to pedal.

  • Available with and without engine for pedal assistance.

  • Frame height can be adjusted as desired

  • Additional options can be added. These include: a detachable frame, pedal extension, mirrors, back support, smart guard tires and more.

Two wheel tandem Twinny Van Raam
Three wheel tandem Twinny Plus Van Raam

Three wheel tandem Twinny Plus

The Twinny Plus is a three wheel tandem for two adults. The Twinny Plus is designed to have one wheel in front and two wheels at the back to provide extra stability. The third wheel allows both bicyclists to remain seated when the tandem is not moving.

Features three wheel tandem Twinny Plus:

  • Tricycle tandem that runs smoothly. Its two rear wheels provide extra stability, so the driver and passenger no longer have to keep their balance and can bike comfortably.

  • The Twinny Plus can be upgraded with the same options and accessories as the Twinny

Two wheel Parent-child tandem Kivo

The Kivo is a tandem on which a parent can cycle together with his or her child. The child sits at the front of the tandem and the driver, the parent, at the back. 

Features two wheel parent-child tandem Kivo:

  • A smoothly-running, modern tandem. It comes in a happy apple green color (standard)

  • Kivo = Kind voor (Child in front). The child is seated at the front of the tandem, thereby enabling him or her to look around. The driver sits behind the child to keep the overview. 

  • The person at the back is the driver and steers.

  • The low step through enables both passenger and driver to get on and off the tandem easily.

  • The Kivo has 8 gears (standard)

  • Can be equipped with electric pedal support.

  • The Kivo comes with a range of optional accessories such as an eccentric crank, balance pedals, foot fixation in several sizes, an odometer and back support.

Two wheel parent-child tandem Kivo Van Raam
Three wheel parent-child tandem Kivo Plus Van Raam

Three wheelparent-child-tandem Kivo Plus

The Kivo Plus is a parent-child three wheel (tricycle) tandem for one adult and one child. Because the Kivo Plus is designed to have two rear wheels instead of one it provides more stability. 

Features three wheel tandem Kivo Plus:

  • This smoothly-running tandem has three wheels, so you don’t have to keep your balance.    

  • You don’t have to get off the bicycle when standing still.

  • The three-wheel tandem Kivo Plus comes with the same (optional) features and accessories as the regular two wheel parent-child tandem, the Kivo.

Side-by-side tandem Fun2Go

The Fun2Go side-by-side tandem is a three wheel tandem on which driver and passenger are seated side by side. This makes communicating easier and allows both people on the tandem to have a good view of the surroundings and of each other.

Features side-by-side tandem Fun2Go:

  • 8 gears and freewheel (standard)

  • Wicker basket at the back of the bicycle to take all your belongings along.

  • Both bicyclists can get on the side-by-side tandem without having to step through.

  • Its three wheels provide stability to the bike so you can remain seated at all times.

Fun2Go side-by-side tandem three wheel tandem Van Raam
  • One person steers, both driver and passenger pedal. 

  • The bicycle is very maneuverable and can turn around its own axis

  • The Fun2Go is equipped with two comfortable seats that can be adjusted back and forth with a lever. 

  • The optional switchable freewheel lets the driver decide whether or not the passenger has to pedal.

  • Addition of the Silent HT engine makes cycling even easier. 

  • The side-by-side tandem is available with different options and extras such as an additional battery, rotatable seats, seat belts, armrests, foot fixation, lower leg fixation, footrest, a Zimmer frame and/or wheelchair holder.

The Fun2Go side-by-side tandem is often used at healthcare institutions and daycare facilities. Family members, volunteers or supervisors ride this bicycle together with someone who is unable to participate in traffic independently.

FunTrain double rider cycle trailer Fun2Go Van Raam

Funtrain double rider cycle trailer

The Funtrain is a double rider cycle trailer towed toan existing or new Fun2Go. It allows one driver to ride this “bike train” safely with three passengers.

Features Funtrain double rider cycle trailer:

  • This cycle trailer is mounted to the Fun2Go (with a tow bar) and brakes automatically (hydraulic brakes).

  • The safety clutch ensures that the cycle trailer cannot detach from the Fun2Go. 

  • The driver of the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem has control over the entire Funtrain and is the only one to steer and brake.

  • All four people on the Funtrain have their own pedals.  

  • The collapsible support wheel makes it easy to move the cycle trailer around after detaching it from the Fun2Go.  

  • Tow two Funtrains to one Fun2Go tandem to cycle with six people.

Van Raam's tandems

Information on all of Van Raam’s tandems:

  • Getting on and off our tandems is very easy due to their low step through.

  • Available with electric pedal support.

  • Tandems can be upgrades with several options and/or accessories can be added.

  • Each bike comes in its standard color, but is also available in a few optional colors (extra charge). Moreover, the bikes can be powder coated in almost every RAL-color (extra charge).

  • Because we manufacture each bicycle individually we are able to incorporate all of your wishes.

Different tandems Van Raam

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