Eccentric crank

An eccentric crank can be the solution to cycling for people who have a limitation in knee bending and/or hip movement (the leg can often still be, as much as or even completely, stretched). The eccentric crank, also known as the eccentric pedal arm, allows you to make a smaller knee movement/bend compared to the unaffected side. An eccentric crank is usually made especially for you. The size depends on the knee bend/hip movement that is possible. This crank can be mounted on the left or right side of the bicycle.

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Order an eccentric crank

You can order this option via the order form below. We recommend first contacting your Van Raam dealer of Van Raam for the right advice and size. You can also order the eccentric crank from your local dealer. Check the dealer page to which dealer is in your area.

Your local dealer

Note: the Easy Rider 3 has a separate order form.

For which bikes is an eccentric crank suitable?

The eccentric crank is possible on many Van Raam bicycles. Even if you already have your own Van Raam bicycle, it is possible to have the eccentric pedal arm mounted afterwards. This crank can be fitted to all tricycles (except the Husky), the tandems and the low step through bike Balance.

Video: Eccentric Crank | Van Raam's options

Watch the video to learn more about the eccentric crank.

Put together your own bicycle with an eccentric crank

Do you want a bike with an eccentric crank? You can put it together yourself with the online configurator on our website.

Put together your bike

View more options?

Are you curious what options there are available? For example, the crank shortener can be a solution if you can’t quite move your knee or hip. Check out the common options on the options page on our website.