Crank shortener

If the ratio of the leg to the length of the pedal causes an incorrect cycling position, a crank shortener can offer a solution. With a crank shortener, this distance becomes smaller and the pedaling movement you make while cycling can also be reduced. This makes the knees bend a little les. This option can be used in various ways, for example:

  • someone with a difference in leg length;

  • someone who cannot bend their knee or hip completely;

  • a person with short legs;

  • or for a person in growth as a temporary solution, so that they can cycle on a bicycle bought for growth.

Cranck shortener option Van Raam bike
Crank shortener Van Raam special needs bikes
Crank shortener Midi tricycle Van Raam

Order your crank shortener at a Van Raam dealer

Are you looking for a crank shortener for your Van Raam bicycle? Order this option at your nearest Van Raam dealer.

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On which Van Raam bicycles can a crank shortener be used?

The crank shortener is possible on many bikes in the Van Raam assortment: the tricycles (except the Husky), the tandems, the duo bikes, the mobility scooter Easy Go and the low step through bike Balance. Do you already have a Van Raam bicycle and do you want the crank shortener? It is possible to mount this option on your bike, even after purchase.

Put together your own bike

Do you want to put together your own Van Raam bicycle with crank shortener? This is possible with the online configurator on the website.

Put together your bike

View more options

In addition to the crank shortener, there are more options available. For example, do you have a lot of trouble bending your knee or hip? Then an eccentric crank can be a solution. Do you want to know which other options are available for Van Raam bicycles? See the most common options on the options page.