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User experience Easy Rider tricycle - Louise Kotterink

User experience Easy Rider tricycle - Louise Kotterink
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Hi, my name is Louise Kotterink and I live in Bad Bentheim (Germany) together with my pets. Cycling on a regular bike is no longer possible because I'm sick and have two kinds of rheumatism, so I decided to buy an Easy Rider tricycle.

Easy Rider tricycle
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Krikke Driewielfietsen
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User experience Easy Rider Louise Kotterink
Easy Rider tricycle Louise Kotterink

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Because of my illness and rheumatism I can't cycle on a regular bike anymore, so I decided to look for another way to keep moving. I came into contact with Krikke Driewielers in Harderwijk (the Netherlands) and they told me about Van Raam. I tested the Easy Rider tricycle and also consulted the website of Van Raam. Eventually I ordered the bike. The contact with the dealer went very well, the overall service with purchasing the bike and the delivery of the Easy Rider were well arranged. I had to wait a week for the delivery of the bike.

Easy Rider experiences and Van Raam E-Bike App

After having cycled the Easy Rider for three months I noticed that I needed a heavier motor as I couldn't get into town because it's quite steep in Bad Bentheim. The bike was then exchanged for another Easy Rider. Recently I also use the Van Raam E-Bike App, which I like very much. I cycle about 25 kilometers a week and the Easy Rider tricycle is very light and stable.
Louise Kotterink – Bad Bentheim (Germany)
Type: Easy Rider

Pros & cons
  • Great service
  • Light and stable cycling
  • User-friendly Van Raam e-bike app
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