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Three Van Raam cargo bikes in a row

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Cargo bikes Van Raam

Van Raam has 3 cargo bikes for transporting individuals. These include two wheelchair bikes and a rickshaw bike. Read more about these cargo bikes in this article.

Cargo bikes from Van Raam

Van Raam has developed cargo bikes to be able to cycle together with individuals who cannot (anymore) do so independently. With a cargo bike, they can once again feel the wind in their hair and enjoy the outdoors. People bound to their wheelchairs can also experience this again through Van Raam's wheelchair bikes.

Cargo bikes Van Raam

Van Raam cargo bikes

cargo bicycle Van Raam OPair wheelchair bike
cargo bike Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike
cargo bike Van Raam Chat rickshaw bike

Electric cargo bike

The Chat rickshaw bike comes standard with Van Raam's pedal assistance system. The OPair and VeloPlus wheelchair bikes can also optionally be equipped with the Silent system. Having an electric cargo bike comes with many benefits:

  • Easier pedaling assistance
  • Silent operation for a smoother ride
  • Enhanced mobility and accessibility
  • Eco-friendly transportation
  • Greater flexibility in various terrains

Read more about the benefits of pedal assistance on an adapted bike.

More about pedal assistance

Van Raam cargo e bike

Cargo bike purchase

Interested in buying a cargo bike? First, read the article '7 useful tips to buy a cargo bike'. This article provides various tips that can assist you in purchasing a cargo bike. Van Raam, for example, always recommends taking a test ride on a bike before making a purchase.

Customer experiences of cargo bike users

On the Van Raam website, you can find several customer experiences of various cargo bikes. Check out 3 customer experiences below.

Customer experience OPair wheelchair trike Ford Family
10 / 10
Customer experience OPair wheelchair trike - Ford Family
Van Raam dealer Bike-On from the United States checks in on a local family in Rhode Island that has been using the OPair wheelchair trike for over a year. The Ford family is a real biking family and son Jack joins them in the OPair. In this customer experience, Meghan Ford answers some questions such as: Why did they choose the OPair wheelchair trike? And how has it changed their lives? Watch the video below.
Read this customer experience
customer experience veloplus wheelchair bike geertsma family
9 / 10
Customer experience VeloPlus wheelchair bike – Geertsma family
Babs has ALS and is wheelchair bound and completely dependent on others. In order to get out and about with her family, they hired the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike from Van Raam. Curious about the experiences of the Geertsma family? Babs tells you more about it.
Read this customer experience
Customer experience Chat electric rickschaw Van Raam Hans-Joachim Fischer
10 / 10
Customer experience Chat electric rickschaw - Hans-Joachim Fischer
For one year now, Ambulante Hauskrankenpflege Fischer in Lower Saxony has been in possession of a Van Raam Chat electric rickshaw. Since then, the transport bike has been happily used by the senior citizens in the municipality of Amelinghausen. Read Hans-Joachim Fischer's experience with the Chat electric rickshaw here.
Read this customer experience

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7 useful tips for buying a Van Raam cargo bike

7 useful tips to buy a cargo bike

Van Raam has several cargo bikes in its range, suitable for children or adults who cannot or do not want to take part in traffic independently. Looking for a cargo bike? We give you 7 useful tips to help you buy a Van Raam cargo bike.

Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat

Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat

The Chat is a rickshaw transport bike that is suitable for a broad cycling audience. This social bike is suitable for the elderly, among other things, but the Chat is also a nice solution to explore the area on a holiday with small children. Besides that this transport bike looks nice, the Chat also cycles very comfortably. This is partly due to the unique riding characteristics and ergonomic seat. Read more about the riding characteristics of the Van Raam Chat in this article.

Unique riding characteristics of the OPair wheelchair bike

Unique riding characteristics of the OPair wheelchair bike

The OPair wheelchair bike is suitable for people who are no longer able to ride a bike independently. It offers a combination of a wheelchair and a bicycle intended for two people, where the wheelchair user can sit in the front in a seat. The bike has been developed over the years. Therefore has unique driving characteristics in addition to its transport properties. Would you like to know what these are? Then read on with this article.

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike with unique riding characteristics

Unique riding characteristics of the VeloPlus wheelchair bike

Van Raam's VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike has been developed to transport people in their own wheelchairs. The wheelchair can be easily pushed and fastened on the tiltable platform of the bike. Are you curious about the other unique riding characteristics of the VeloPlus? Then read on.

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